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Legalby Ariana Smith06 March 2018

Legal Outsourcing

Legal outsourcing is used by a great deal of firms here in Canada, from the big LLPs in Toronto, to boutique firms in rural Nova Scotia – and everywhere in between. Firms outsource legal work for a variety of reasons as well, whether they’re looking for a certain specialization they don’t currently employ, are racing to finish a large project with a quick turnaround time, or dealing with an unforeseen leave of absence.

But probably the largest benefit legal outsourcing offers a firm is its cost-effectiveness. For firms looking for scalable growth, aiming to take on more projects, legal outsourcing allows them to do so in a safe way that doesn’t sacrifice quality. That is provided that you’re looking for a legal outsourcing company with a large database of quality legal experts in Canada, and not, for instance, a hodgepodge of overseas legal help, which can be hit or miss in its quality and reliability.

Overhead in a legal firm can seem, sometimes, needlessly complicated; often, individual lawyers add to the overall discretionary spending in ways they can’t even understand, rather than in a traditional business model where overhead expenditure is regulated by a single manager or accountant. It can all get a little out of hand if left alone, and a firm can quickly turn unprofitable. If this is the case, consider outsourcing some work. Legal outsourcing allows you to take on more work, delegating tasks like handling legal paperwork, and document review.

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This shifts your talent towards core competencies, which gives your firm a competitive edge. You don’t want your best lawyers working on low-margin activities – that’s not the best way to use your resources. To put it in analogous terms: you wouldn’t make the head chef of your restaurant do the dishes. For small, tedious tasks, or to temporarily inflate your current legal team to meet the demands of a large project, you need to look at inexpensive options. Legal outsourcing offers that cost-effective option, but you have to do your research beforehand to ensure that you’re hiring from a company that understands the Canadian legal scene and is willing to offer choice talent for a flexible term.

With the money you save, you will be able to justify taking on more projects and bigger clients. It’s all in the way you structure your firm. You have to structure it like a business, with top talent taking on the most important work, and a changeable, cost-effective roster of talent ensuring that the low margin activities are finished properly and promptly. As you grow, you have the choice of acquiring those outsourced experts full time, or, if business fluctuates (as it is wont to do, unfortunately) you can cut those outsource experts, rehiring them as needed.

Law is a noble profession, but in order to do your firm proper service, you have to treat it like a business. That means being shrewd with overhead costs, and making sure you get the most out of your money. For the firm looking to scale and grow, the best way to go remains good quality outsourcing.

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