How Do Corporations Play Politics?

Businessby Mashum Mollah17 April 2019


Our existence is limited. We are living beings, and therefore, we are subject to the cycle of life, which in our species usually goes between 30-80 years.

But as a society, our life expectancy is several centuries and therefore requires legal figures that do not depend on biology. This is how corporations emerge.

What is (and what is not) a corporation?

The birth of corporations comes from long ago, from Roman times. The gradual evolution of trade made necessary the emergence of entities that transcended the biological limits of our species that they would enjoy perpetuity that would ensure the payment of the signed businesses even when the people who had done so were no longer with us. Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev is one who knows a thing or two about the necessity of corporations.

A corporation is merely a group of some people. It represents the body (“corpus”) of that fictitious entity, which in turn can represent a company, an NGO, a university, a country, a union or any social organization.

The search for profit and corporate psychopathy:

Every corporation depends on some investors (whether private or public), and it is curious that this happens when they represent only 1% of society. At the time of decision-making, they do not start from the reality that lives in the vast majority of the world, but from their reality, which is the minority.

When you come to understand that the corporation moves solely for industrial purposes and that at the same time, the corporation is legally considered an entity (an individual), it is when the first alarms sound. If the ultimate goal is to increase the benefit of investors, it may be tempting to contradict the human interests of that percentage ( around 99% ) of the society they do not represent.

Indifference to the feelings of other individuals:  

The sense of an organization is emulated and aims to naturalize its entity and attract customers of a specific target that sympathize with those feelings. It is an artificial creation moved again by the economic benefit.

Inability to maintain lasting relationships:

Following the single and universal mantra to any organization, the links (business) that occur between organizations and organizations and natural individuals tend to break unilaterally if the benefit is higher than the agreement that was already signed ( the closing of services without prior notice, contracts with the competition ).

Contempt for the welfare of others:

No more to see the situation experienced with large corporations of consumption. In April 1997, more than 10,000 workers from Nike’s Indonesian factories went on strike to protest low wages and unpaid wages, while 1,300 workers in Vietnam went on strike demanding a one-cent-per-hour increase. The following year, 3,000 Chinese workers protested dangerous working conditions and low fees.

Lying and deceit are the ultimate tools to reach an end:

All corporations lie. Either to distort the environment towards their interests (to break into a third world country looking for cheap labor with the promise of enriching it, or to carry out marketing campaigns and misleading advertising ). And it does not do so because its leaders are selfish people. Most of the great leaders ( presidents and CEOs of large corporations ) play a purely political role. They physically represent the company, but they do not have real decision-making capacity. And nobody has it on its own, but it is the sum of many individuals with different aspirations and a laudable goal, even if the result does not end up being so.

There is no guilt or malice:

It is excellent to ask for forgiveness, but the corporation as such, like the algorithms of artificial intelligence, does not feel remorse. And those who have reached the top have more than enough resources to immunize or self-pity both for the existing intermediation (we say goodbye to these thousands of workers because the investors/numbers so request ) and for a supposed common good (we bid farewell to these thousands of workers because as a corporation we must prioritize the benefit of the majority). Nor does there exist malice. A corporation is fully entitled to perform the appropriate actions to achieve the purpose for which it was created. Exemplifying it with the figure of the shark, the very nature of the shark allows it to be the greatest predator of the ocean, and therefore, cause death in its path. But he does not do it because he is “bad,” but because it is his role as an individual of that species.

Inability to comply with the rules imposed by the able body: The power of corporations in the XXI century merely is atrocious. There are private companies with more potential than entire nations. They have an unprecedented lobbying capacity, which allows them to rewrite the laws at will, as we have seen on more than one occasion.

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