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Purple Casket

While it’s obviously true that many people prefer to organize a funeral ceremony to be a black and white affair, it’s also true that many individuals out there might prefer to add a little more light and color to the situation.

Not everyone wants their casket to be black, white, or stainless steel. Sure, cherry wood and mahogany add a little more variety, color-wise, but that might not be the preference for your loved one who just passed.

Choosing Colorful Caskets Instead of Black and White

If you’re in tune with what your loved one would have wanted in order to convey respect for them, then it might make the process easier for you. If your relative, friend, or family member had a favorite color, this might be a great opportunity to express that part of your loved one’s personality.

Luxury coloring for caskets includes cherry wood and mahogany (as mentioned above), white, silver, rose gold, black, navy blue, maroon, and others. But the most luxurious color throughout history remains purple — it is the color of royalty, after all. Visit this site to buy unique caskets online.

But what about a purple casket? Is that appropriate for a situation like a funeral? Well, at the end of the day, if your loved one wanted a purple casket, all other concerns should be put aside. You can click here to buy online.

Why Not a Purple Casket for Your Loved One?

Nestled right between red and blue on the color wheel, purple is a popular color used for sports teams and historically has been a symbol of wealth, affluence, and nobility.

It’s up for debate how many shades of purple there are. Some sources put that number in the 30s while others claim there are as many as 50 shades of purple.

Popular shades of purple include amethyst, imperial purple, raspberry, mulberry, deep ruby, and cyber grape.

Some casket manufacturers will allow you to customize casket coloring, giving you options for the exterior and the interior. A deeper, darker shade of purple on the exterior with an interior lined with a lighter shade of soft purple satin is an elegant choice while doing the inverse is also an original and eye-catching combination.

Materials used for the interior of a casket include satin, velvet, as well as crepe, but choices like linen and velour are also available.

Best casket materials are a matter of look and durability. Bronze caskets are the most durable and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is another durable material that doesn’t rust or corrode.

Bronze and steel caskets are available in a variety of colors and are popular, available in over 20 colors. Many come standard with rubber gaskets and locking mechanisms.18-gauge steel purple caskets are also available.

If you’re unsure about the shade of purple your loved one would want, think of the sorts of shades of purple that they wore. All purples are made of red and blue in varying proportions. As with anything made with craftsmanship in mind, the beauty is in the details.

The best decision to make is the decision that your loved one would make. Purple caskets are an elegant and original expression that will wrap your loved one in luxury.

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