10 Effective Study Habits of Top Students

Educationby Mashum Mollah10 May 2021

Effective Study Habits

Ever wonder about the secret to getting good grades? While a high IQ will help, many top students simply have effective study habits that propel them forward.

The good news about that is by adopting these habits, you can watch your grades climb as well. Check out 10 of these habits here!

1. Avoid Distractions:

These days we all seem to be tripping over each other in our homes. Getting uninterrupted study time might be a challenge, but it’s important. Try hanging a do not disturb sign on your door so your family will know that you’re studying and don’t forget to mute your phone.

2. Get Social:

There’s a time for homework, but there’s also a time for being social. In fact, as many of us have discovered this past year, social time is essential for good mental health. Study hard, but make time for your friends and family as well.

3. Outdoor Time:

3. Outdoor Time:

Sunshine, as the best source of vitamin D, helps recharge your brain and boost your immune system. Get outside and get some rays for an easy way to boost your focus and concentration!

4. Get Some Exercise:

Alternatively, you can get your outdoor time by taking a brisk walk. Head outside during a study break for a stroll around the neighborhood. The fresh air and exercise will give you a mental boost that will make you more productive when you get back.

5. Creative Note-Taking:

5. Creative Note-Taking:

Writing helps you remember things, but only to a certain extent. Take your note-taking to the next level by creating little doodles and charts or using different colors. Creating fun notes takes longer but ultimately cements the material in your brain better.

6. Stimulate Your Brain:

6. Stimulate Your Brain:

Not everyone is overjoyed about spending their time studying maths and English. However, to do so effectively, it’s important to get your brain in the zone.

Try reading thought-proking content or something that interests you on your breaks. This will help get and keep your brain in study mode — but in a more fun way. Just don’t get too distracted!

7. Fuel Your Study Sessions Right:

Fuel is important to keep your brain going strong so have snacks on hand. Snickers bars don’t cut it, though. Choose healthy foods like granola, nuts, and fruit to fuel your studies right.

8. Edit Later:

Try to complete your papers at least 24 hours ahead of time. It’s too easy to miss errors when you proofread right after writing them.

9. Put Your Deadlines on the Wall:

Juggling your deadlines in your head might be possible, but exhausting. Plus, it’s too easy to miss one. Instead, write your deadlines on a poster board and stick them on the wall. Having them in front of you in bite-sized pieces makes large tasks seem less daunting and ensures you won’t miss anything.

10. Take Breaks:

10. Take Breaks:

Going at it constantly for too long is less effective than short study bursts. It’s harder to concentrate when a session drags on too long. Try the Pomodoro method of 25-minute study sessions separated by 5-minute breaks. You might be surprised how much more efficient you become!

Go Get ‘em!

Good grades are possible for anyone, it’s just a matter of putting your mind to it.

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