Why Employee Awareness is Essential for Business cybersecurity

Securityby Mashum Mollah10 March 2021

Employee Awareness is Essential for Business cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is not a new phenomenon and a highly mandatory action for businesses to take to stay safe. For this, companies have been and still invest in numerous programs that can protect their firms’ data significantly from all superior and advanced kinds of threats. However, while doing so, they forget the most crucial task of educating the humans in the facility.

Providing cybersecurity awareness is vital for a business’s employees working at every level and sector. They are the eyes and ears of the facility and can cause harm as well without knowing. Here are several more reasons why having a cybersecurity culture is essential for every firm:

Data Breach:

Data breaches are more common than you might think. They happen at every firm and cause valuable loss. And the main culprit can be the ignorance of an employee on the job. Employees save their information in the online space of cloud software and don’t add good enough security measures to them. Company employees don’t really get the severity of online threats that can take away their data in an eye blink. Hence, data breaches are increasing, and companies need to know that their employees could be behind them.


Ransomware is malware sent by hackers as they get hold of your company devices and wipe out all the information by logging you out. These hackers then demand a substantial payment for the return of the data. Thus to resolve this issue, you go to insurance services and involve law authorities. But the whole procedure just becomes time taking and prevents you from bringing the business back on track.

Suppose you have prepared for such occurrences that happen every day to businesses. In that case, you need to educate your employees not to let unauthorized people in the firm access the company devices, use sketchy-looking websites and drives, among other procedures. A compromise assessment also plays a vital role in preventing outside threats in the firm and lets you know of any downside.

Advanced Technology:

While the advancement of technology brings new gadgets and opportunities to your company, it can be a threat at the same time. Besides those working in IT, most employees will not have the technical awareness of a newly introduced program and ways to stay safe. Many workers don’t have the literacy even to handle the common apps and programs provided by the company. This creates trouble containing human errors and malware takeover through different vulnerable apps. For this reason, training for employees to understand the basics of using the internet and various apps appointed for them should be implemented.

Phishing activities:

The most repetitive thing that employees face in terms of threats and hacks on their devices is email phishing. Call phishing also happens a lot and causes considerable damage to a firm through false information. But the biggest problem is that employees will open such ‘work-related emails and engage with them, not suspecting it to be malicious. Cybersecurity awareness should teach them how to handle these disguised activities and make sure that they learn to distinguish and double-check every incoming information from calls, emails, instant messages, and so on.


With the increase in the types of devices present in the market and the hands of people in your firm, you can face substantial danger when they connect to the network. These devices do not have the advanced security measures conducted in a firm and bring with them malware. So whether you have a policy of bringing individual devices for employees to work on, you must help them learn how to engage with various instruments and use them in a safe manner in the firm.

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