How to Select the Best Employee Engagement Quotes

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Employee Engagement Quotes

There are many reasons why your employees lack motivation. 85% of employees are quite excited when they take up a new job at a company, but over time lose confidence and motivation for work. Managers find this problem frustrating and challenging.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate your employees is to use employee engagement quotes at work. The quotes are a set of powerful words that your employees can derive meaning from. In this article, you’ll learn how to select the best quotes for your office.

Relevancy Comes First:

Relevancy Comes First:

There are a variety of motivational quotes out there. But not all of them are equal. Some are geared more towards taking risks, while others inspire you to be more vigilant.

Take the example of a quote from none other than Richard Branson, which is, “Screw it, let’s do it.” This quote inspires you to take bold risks and get the job done. But then there’s another quote which is something like, “A Mistake Repeated More than Once is a Decision.” It means that you can’t afford to make a mistake twice.

Both of these quotes will have different effects on your employees. It’s usually up to the managers to select the quote, but they should try their best to make it relevant to the current situation.

Use Quotes from Notable People:

Quotes are a set of words that successful people have spoken. These are often cryptic, with meaning hidden behind the words. We, human beings, can understand the meaning behind the words. But it takes a little bit of work.

Generally, people will be more connected to the words spoken by people they know and are familiar with.

Taking the example of Richard Branson, most of your employees would recognize him. So when they hear his quotes, they’ll instantly recognize the meaning behind those words. It can be attributed to his charisma. He’s known for taking bold decisions and going against all odds. Therefore, his quotes are often along those lines.

Similarly, you can take the quotes of Hollywood A-listers, top athletes, notable business people, and political figures.

Allow Employees to Come up Quotes:

To make this process more engaging, you should allow and ask your employees to contribute their ideas. It would be like a team game where everyone has to chip in their ideas to create something meaningful for the entire team.

By increasing this engagement, you will facilitate teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Your team members will also be aware of the current situations since the quotes need to be relevant, as mentioned in the first point.

This employee engagement will improve productivity and relationship among the employees.

You can make it a routine that takes place every Monday or Thursday, or any other day. Employees must come together, discuss the current situation, and come up with quotes to motivate the entire team.

Present Quotes with Wall Art:

You should give equal importance to the presentation that you give to creation. You cannot just print it on plain paper and stick it up on the wall. That may do more harm than good. Employees may take it for granted and ignore the quotes altogether.

Therefore, you must present it in such a way that it’s visible and stands out. It should be the talk of the town for a brief period of time.

That doesn’t mean to say you should hire expensive wall artists to present it. You can ask your in-house graphic designer to design it for you. Or else, you can design using online graphic design tools like Canva and create captivating typography.

You should always go for large-scale art and align it centrally. If you can adjust lighting, that’s even better.

Adopt Employee Engagement Tools:

To measure the effectiveness of the quotes, you should adopt an employee engagement tool. It would record the key metrics, which you can later analyze.

You can utilize an employee recognition platform that appreciates their efforts in coming up with the quotes. These apps can connect the entire team from senior leaders to interns. They can then collaborate with each other and make the workplace more productive.

Some applications also enable you to create reward programs for employees. To get an overview, there’s a dashboard with reporting and analytics. So you should definitely consider investing in such a platform if you’re using quotes to encourage your employees and want to gauge the effects.

To make your job easier, you can refer to quotes lists that contain hundreds of quotes you can borrow. It’s a great way to get started with employee engagement quotes without investing too much time into it.

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