How to Make New Employees Feel at Home

Businessby Mashum Mollah02 August 2019

New Employees

Employees are the heart and soul of just about every business. Without them, you would only have an idea with nobody to execute it. However, being able to pick the right employees to aid business growth is something every entrepreneur aspires to do. The question, however, is once you do find the right employees, what happens next? One of the best things an employer can do is make them feel comfortable and at home, especially when they’re first starting out. Keep reading to find a few ways that you can make new employees feel at home.

Provide Enough Information:

One of the things that can make a new employee feel lost is a lack of information. Upon them starting, provide enough information as you can. Some things to include could be employee guidelines, information on their role and responsibilities, as well as contact details of key people in the office.

A staff directory could also help in that regard, so they know who does what and how they can be contacted. Also, be sure that they have necessary documentation such as a legally written statement of their terms and conditions and a General Data Protection Regulations compliant Staff Privacy Notice, and employee handbooks.

Give a Warm Office Welcome:

It is crucial that you let other employees know that there will be a new addition to the team. This way, they can offer a warm welcome and engage the new employee to help them settle in. You can do so by sending an email to all existing employees as a way of updating them. They may also want to put together a welcome gift just to lift the spirits of the newcomer.

In some companies, they assign the new employee a mentor or colleague who will help support them and answer any questions until they fully settle in. Lastly, make them feel like a part of the company culture by giving them tasks and asking for their input and feedback.

Give them a Startup Kit:

Every office has a different protocol for new employees. However, most provide some sort of a startup kit which could consist of office supplies, a laptop, work phone or just about anything else you can think of.

Not every office requires its employees to wear name badges, but they can be extremely helpful. For one, it can ensure that employees easily learn the names of their colleagues without the pressure and embarrassment of forgetting.

Invest in a badge making kit so that you can easily provide new staff with badges as soon as they start.

Offer Training:

Although you’ve hopefully hired competent employees, this doesn’t mean they don’t still need training. In order to ensure they’re working at your desired level, offering training is a good idea. You could provide it at different intervals, such as when they first start and then every few months after. So that you know the training that is best suited to them, continue to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

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