Customer Value Analytics Solution in Hong Kong

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Customer Value Analytics

It is common for companies to be concerned about the level of satisfaction experienced by their customers, given the correlation between fulfillment and recurring trade.

Actually, companies in Hong Kong frequently make use of customer value analytics solutions.

This is so they can have a better grasp on the significance of individual customers to the operation of their company. This kind of service assists in improving their marketing focus and searching for approaches to lengthen the partnership between the client and the business.

This article will help you understand customer value analytics solutions.

Hong Kong’s Customer Value Analytics Solution Unique Features

Customer Value

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the features of a customer value analytics solution is AI. Offering the opportunity for businesses to leverage their strategic advantage across several sectors and commercial activities. Utilize your analytics and combine them with IoT and intelligent technology to gain company insights, look for opportunities, build brand loyalty, and generate income.

2. Graph AI

Graph Al is the use of Deep Learning to charts in order to gain a greater knowledge of the connections among parameters. Using specialized techniques such as clustering, splitting, PageRank, and routing protocol makes it easier to address certain problems. These are issues in which centralization, interconnectivity, and descriptive analysis play crucial roles in the research.

3. IoT

Your company will see an exponential rise if you mix analytics with IoT. Providing assistance to businesses operating in a variety of industries so they may harness the Internet of Things to address difficult business challenges and enhance their efficiency.

4. Data Engineering

Data engineering will always be performed by a team of data system business analytics experts who interact with your partners to address operational requirements and afterward design a system based on your group’s specific needs.

5. Predictive Analysis

In addition to improving marketing strategies, Predictive Analysis delivers tailored experiences. It also aids in making suggestions based on your consumer data. It eventually aids in predicting client attrition to limit the risk of prospective lost revenue.

What Customer Value Analytics Solution in Hong Kong Offers

Customer Value Analytics Solution

1. Telecommunication

CSPs in the telecommunications industry employs technologies like as artificial intelligence and data modeling to enhance turnover rates, ARPU, NPS, and lifetime value of customers.

Businesses in Hong Kong acquire from their major shareholder’s wealth of telecom industry experience. In 2016, they have partnered up with HKT to design, deploy in design and operate, and market breakthrough CSP-value-creating solutions.

2. Life Sciences

Supporting healthcare firms improve their commercial operations by improving monitoring, forecasting, company sales performance, multi-channel interactions, and closed-loop advertising by leveraging features including actual, big data, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

3. Supply Chain

As a result of the significant upheavals that the COVID-19 epidemic has caused in global production networks, several companies have been forced to reevaluate their strategies. Actionable insights, “what-if” events, and scenarios are some of the tools that we use to assist businesses in making their fulfillment more resilient.

4. Banking

Increasing the number of new customers acquired and the number of existing customers retained across both digital and offline channels using data from both internal and third-party sources.

5. Retail

Assisting businesses operating in the retail sector to improve their projections, obtainment planning, created to make sure, advertising and marketing planning, markdown enhancement, and a variety of other processes through the application of cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence as well as predictive modeling.



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