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Educationby Ariana Smith14 January 2019

boarding school like

There are about 319 boarding schools in the United States. Although not everyone has heard about students going to boarding school when they’re misbehaving, boarding school is more than that.

So, what is boarding school like? Read on to get the full information.

Boarding Schools Have Qualified Teachers on Staff:

Most boarding schools hold a reputation for offering an excellent education that will prepare students to pursue advanced degrees. Therefore, boarding schools tend to be quite selective when choosing the teachers on their staff.

Boarding schools tend to choose teachers that hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions. Students will learn and be challenged by teachers who have received a quality education.

The Schools are Supervised 24/7:

While their children are away in boarding school, parents want to know their children are safe.

Every boarding school worries about the safety of its students, which is why they offer 24/7 supervision. They take pride in knowing where children are at all time.

Although this might sound like a prison-like environment for unruly teens, it’s far from it. They simply enforce the school’s code of conduct and don’t let students unsupervised.

Boarding Schools Offer Many Extracurriculars:

Students need more than studying and homework in order to have a well-rounded education. This is why boarding schools offer other extra-curricular activities.

Boarding schools allow students to pursue other interests such as sports, theatre, etc.

All International Students are Welcome:

Boarding schools are a great place for students to interact with students from all different cultures.

Families who live overseas choose to send their children to American Boarding schools due to the great educational benefits.

This private boarding school offers a comprehensive English as a second language program to help all of their international students feel integrated.

Students Feel a Family Atmosphere:

Boarding schools know it can be quite difficult for students to be away from their families. In order to make students more comfortable, they offer a family-like atmosphere.

Most boarding schools break up the students into smaller groups in the dormitories. This allows students a chance to always interact with the same peers. Each small group participates together in social groups, meals, leisure time, etc.

Some schools divide the students within their age group to keep them together across their specific level.

Boarding Schools Have an Extensive Curricula:

Each state has specific curricula specifications that each school has to meet. Most public schools only meet state requirements.

Boarding schools, on the other hand, not only meet the state’s requirements, but they exceed them.

Most boarding schools want to ensure their students go into Ivy League educations and their curriculum is designed to make it happen.

What is Boarding School Like? The Bottom Line:

So, what is boarding school like? Now you have an idea. Boarding school offers an advanced curriculum, extra curriculum activities, and a family atmosphere.

It’s time to convince your parents to send you to boarding school.

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