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Sleep runs our lives. You spend a third of your life sleeping every night while the rest two-thirds is determined by how much sleep we get. Getting the right pillow is essential since it is a great contributor to a good night’s sleep. The market is flocking with many types of pillows and getting the right one can prove to be quite the challenge.

Here are things that will help you choose the right pillow

Consider the size of the bed

The size of your bed determines the pillow you will pick. Getting a pillow that is too big or too small for your bed can be frustrating. A standard pillow is perfect for a twin bed, two queens are perfect for a queen bed, while a king is suitable on the king-sized bed.

You might have your personal preferences, and it should not limit you.If you prefer many pillows you can use up to four medium-sized pillows for a queen size for a bed.

Consider your size

The comfort level of a pillow is determined by the height of the person using it. A 6 feet man will require a different pillow from a 5-foot woman or man.

There are different sizes of pillow available in the market including a king, queen, Standard, Large, medium and small. With these options, you are bound to find something that works best. While at it get something that supports your spine comfortably to promote good sleep.

Consider pillow filling

Pillow Filling is the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide to get a mattress. There are different types of pillows in the market with a different filling.

The Goose feather pillows are mostly made of feather and down filling. They are likely to shape well, make you feel airy and fresh. Memory foam is prepared to provide support and pain relief, they are durable too, but they do not offer optimal airflow because they are relatively warm and dense.

Latex pillows are almost like the memory ones, but they are lighter with firm natural latex that is dust resistant. It is perfect for people with allergies. Synthetic pillows are made of synthetic and polyester materials are most suitable and pocket-friendly.

Microfibers are popular for their soft, silky and airy filling. They are comfortable with optimal airflow, and they are pricy too. Cotton pillows are breathable, cool and dust resistant; their durability is a significant concern.

Know the different types of pillows

Good night sleep is equal to adequate support and comfortability. Understanding the different types of pillows available in the market will help you choose the right one.

Feather pillows are of high quality and filled with feathers that tend to be fluff. They offer comfort, support, and softness.  If you are looking for luxurious pillows, down pillows are supple, soft and puffy giving you the luxury that you deserve.

Memory pillows tend to be adjustable. They adjust to your position through the night allowing you to sleep in more naturally. Latex pillows are more breathable and offer the right neck and shoulder support. Latex is also a natural hypo allergic. It also reduces body pains such as arm and cervical stiffness making it better than other pillows.

Polyester pillows are pocket-friendly making them easy to maintain. They are not durable which makes sense because of the reasonable pricing. Microbead pillows offer solid support due to the unexpanded polystyrene used in making most travel pillows. Buckwheat pillows are all natural made from buckwheat seeds for firm support.

Neck pillows offer spine support due to their ability to support your head and neck comfortably. They also keep your spine correctly positioned. Body pillows are meant to provide you with support at the lower back and hip. They are also suitable for pregnant women.

Lumbar pillow supports your lower back making you sleep easier while wedge pillows are triangular making it easy for you to support vulnerable parts of the body.

Decide if you prefer soft or firm pillows.

A pillows thickness is determined by the volume of fill added. A firm pillow will incorporate tight fill while a soft pillow will have a light fill. Low lofted pillows support your neck because of the supportive and firm features.

You should get a pillow that has a medium thickness since soft pillows are not supportive enough while firm pillows are too hard on your body. Getting the right pillow thickness will help you sleep better.

Get the right cover fabric

Getting the right outer pillow cover is very important because it gets in contact with your face. A good fabric on the topper should be breathable to keep you relaxed while you sleep. Make sure that it is also soft and cozy to protect your face.

Cotton fabric is soft and supple against the skin; it is lightweight and easy to clean although they tend to shrink quickly. Polyester retains its shape over more extended periods even after washing. Unfortunately, they are said to contain chemicals that are not good for you.

You should also buy pillow toppers to protect your pillows from dust and spillage. My pillow Mattress store offers a good number of high-quality pillow toppers.

Test your pillow before buying

A pillow is a very delicate item when it comes to quality of sleep. It is essential to test your pillows before you buy them. You can put your head on the pillow for a few minutes to feel their effect on your face.

Retail stores may not have the patience to let you test pillows, and you can test it at home before removing the wrapper. When it doesn’t feel right, return it and get a replacement.

Consider your budget

Buying your pillows eventually comes down to the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are pillows for almost all budget sizes. A less expensive pillow might not be favorable because it tends to be less durable and uncomfortable. You can get a good pillow a pillow that is slightly expensive that is perfect for your needs.


There are a variety of pillows to choose from. It is essential to consider this factorsin making your pillow buying experience more manageable. You should always buy a pillow that is unique for you. What works for another person might not work for you.

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