The Famous Streaming Show On Netflix, Riverdale Saw Its Ending With Season 7!  

Newsby sagnika sinha25 August 2023

Riverdale Season 7

Riverdale, the grumpier and highly strung interpretation of Archies Comic, is at an end and what a sweet one it was! The series finale of season 7 was quite emotional, along with wrapping up the different characters and their storyline.

The final season of Riverdale, season 7, episode 20, marks an end to the era, bidding goodbye to its viewers. It premiered on 23 August 2023 at 9 pm ET. The name of the episode is titled “Goodbye, Riverdale“.

Based on the international timings, most places worldwide can access the episode on 24 August 2023. In the UK, the time is noon BST; in Canada, it is 3 pm ET; in Australia, it is 8 am AEST.

The story that Riverdale has given us over the years has been much more than just a story of an all-American boy and a girl next door in a high school. In the seventh season, the plot revolves around events seven years after season six ends.

In the plot of season 7, the show’s four main characters, Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead, are all shown as established individuals in their professional and personal lives. But the town is in danger again; this time, it is the world’s fate.

In the finale episode of season 7, you see an old Betty, aged 86, telling stories of her gang to her granddaughter Alice. She is also seen reading an obituary for Jughead, confirming that she is the only living member of her gang now.

She also wishes to return to her youth again and have marvelous adventures with her friends with her high school yearbook open. She dies in her sleep, but not before an angel jughead appears and takes her on a tour to Riverdale one last time, catching everyone in their element! Quite a sweet but heartwarming ending!

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