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IT Staffing

If you decide to develop a web application for your business needs and don’t have a big HR department, assembling a team of IT professionals by yourself will be an almost impossible task.

Thankfully, there are dozens of companies on the market today providing services of IT staffing. But don’t just hope that the agency will hire your dream developers without your input, be proactive, communicate through the whole process, and try to be a part of interviewing. At the same time, getting into recruitment professionals’ way won’t get you far too, it is all about balance.

Here Are Six Important Steps To Get The Best Results For IT Staffing

With this guide, you will avoid some common mistakes and get the best results for IT staffing possible.

1. Clear vision

IT staffing agencies

Before you even think about approaching IT staffing agencies, plan your app’s development process to the tiniest detail and try to have a clear picture of an optimal team structure for your project’s goals. With a clear vision, you can communicate all requirements easily to recruitment professionals and the hiring process will start faster and bring its first results much sooner.

Defining your goals and preferred team composition early on will also help write a much more engaging job description for every role. You will also need to have a clear picture of what agency you need for this exact project, depending on your budget, the team roles you need to fill, and the marketing niche of a future app.

Don’t forget to do some online research on recruitment companies, read user’s reviews on verified sites and even reach some of their past clients over email to confirm their satisfaction with services.

2. Be realistic

When you and your team work out the budget, you will probably realize that you can’t have all desired features and design elements all at once and it is necessary to cut something out. Basically the same applies to building a software development team.

If you have a virtually unlimited budget, it is great, but there is a possibility that you won’t be able to hire a top-notch candidate with tons of experience for every position.

Remember that today the IT market grows at a rapid speed and every week hundreds of young professionals finish their education and start looking for employment. Just be realistic about your expectations and communicate your priorities to the recruitment agency.

3. Plan the budget

planning the budget

Let’s talk more about planning the budget for your development team. If you don’t have funds to hire all top tech talent on the market, you will need to think well about your priorities and what positions will need more experience. Traditionally, specialists advise to not try to save money on tech lead salary.

With a great senior developer, you can think about hiring some less-experienced coders with lower wages, knowing that the lead will guide them along the way. Also, with a limited budget, a great idea will be to use IT staff augmentation service at certain stages of development.

Basically, a recruitment agency will provide you with part-time hire, sometimes remote, for completing certain tasks in addition to your existing team. It is a rather popular option that can help you save some money on wages without sacrificing the app’s features.

4. Clear communication

We already talked about the importance of clear communication with the IT staffing agency during the whole hiring process. Provide them with a definitive list of all hard skills for every position and don’t forget about soft skills also.

Ideally, you and your team will need to formulate some kind of corporate culture with a list of personality traits you look for in job candidates and other aspects of the work environment. Don’t neglect soft skills and try to confirm them personally in later stages of the interviewing process if it is possible.

5. Trust the agency

hiring process

Being proactive and engaged doesn’t mean intervening in recruiters’ jobs at every possible moment. Just remember that you are paying a lot of money to the agency for a reason and that they know what they are doing. Sometimes, the hiring process can be frustrating, taking longer than expected or providing you with no perfect candidates.

Some business owners choose to work with several recruitment companies at once to maximize outreach, but we don’t recommend doing that. If you are really worried about the hiring process, give separate positions to different agencies to fill, but even that can harm your working relationships with some of them. Just try to find a balance between being involved and getting into an IT staffing agency way, and the process will bear its results in no time.

6. Be patient

Of course, hiring a recruitment agency for IT staffing services isn’t exactly budget-friendly and you have every right to expect immediate returns on your investment, but being patient with this process helps a lot. Recruitment of tech talent isn’t an easy task and due to the huge number of professionals on the market, finding an ideal; candidate can take time.

Always ask the recruitment company for a realistic timeline for filling a development team position in the negotiation stage, so there won’t be any surprises later. But don’t wait for a perfect candidate too long, if you are presented with an option that fills most of the requirements, it will be wise to compromise a little. Remember, tech specialists are in high demand now and you need to make decisions quickly, without being desperate and hot-headed at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Assembling a strong software development team is not an easy journey with lots of planning and compromises. It will be wise to take some part of the budget and hire an IT staffing agency. But don’t just expect perfect candidates to magically appear, the hiring process will require your input.

Be clear and open about your requirements, budget, and corporate culture, always communicate with recruiters, and in no time at all, you will end up with the development team you dreamt of.

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