Get Shoppers into Your Mall with These Design Elements

Dev & Designby Mashum Mollah18 October 2019

Design Elements

Experts say that the concept of malls died when online shopping became a big thing. But if you have some commercial property ready for development, then a mall is still a pretty good idea. For one, it ensures a solid stream of revenue and can draw even more people to it if you do it right. The modern mall has to be greatly different than a collection of shops. Here are a few design elements ideas that will be a big help in your development.

Get Shoppers into Your Mall with These Design Elements:

Go Green:

Green mall

One of the more popular choices for a new sort of mall design is to integrate green technologies and sensibilities. The most notable look for this type of mall is that it looks a bit like a park and a shopping mall came together. There are trees and grass mixed along with storefronts. The general idea is to be also more open-air than the traditional enclosed mall.

To create this type of mall, you will have to work with commercial landscaping services in Southern Illinois to create a place that is functional and accessible. You want people to walk through the mall and feel a bit more relaxed. This also has a benefit of lowering energy consumption as the open-air structure means that you don’t have to pay for large amounts of air-conditioning while the trees and greenery provide a natural cooling effect.

Besides the main effect of green space, you might also be interested in other green innovations like solar panels for additional power needs. A more energy-efficient mall means more savings and larger profit margins for you.

Use the Power of the Internet:

The internet was the downfall of the traditional shopping mall. It would be appropriate to use the internet as a way to resurrect the concept. Invest in Wi-Fi hot spots for your mall area and encourage all your tenants to have an online presence.

The Wi-Fi spots allow your mall customers to stay connected. If you position them right, the hot spots are ideal for hanging out. The mall food court can be more than just food as mall customers browse and answer their messages.

Be More Than Shopping:


The problem with malls was that they were wasting large amounts of space that could have other uses. Don’t just rent out space to commercial shops. Think about the “live/work” aesthetic. For example, renting space out to customers supports companies and offices creates a built-in customer base. When those workers are on break, they will most likely wander around your mall, spending their hard-earned cash.

Additionally, you might aim to be an entertainment hub. Movie theaters, concert spaces, and more are great additions to a mall and encourage people to come to your mall space. The more foot traffic, the higher the chance of people buying stuff.

Although the shopping mall may seem like an outdated idea, there is still some worth in it. All you need to do is to change and evolve in some of the ways above. Online shopping may be more convenient, but the lure of public spaces and social connections can be a powerful draw. Hopefully, it will be enough to bring the mall concept back to life.

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