5 Ways To Get Your Criminal Case Dismissed

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Criminal Case Dismissed

Having a criminal case on top of your head can take a big toll on your reputation!

These are a few elements you will begin to have problems with-

– It will be difficult for you to get employment, as your hard work and dedication will be dismissed with that one criminal charge.

– You might face some trouble getting into your favorite reputed educational center.

– There might be issues when you try to rent a house.


– Forget about ever owning a firearm for self-defense.

These are just a few of the reasons why we always want to dismiss the criminal charges on our heads.

You cannot think of anything else right now!

All you can think about is getting the prosecution to dismiss this case.

Now, dismissal of a case doesn’t mean you will not be proven guilty in front of a judge. It just means there will be a case in your record, but there is no conviction.

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What Is The Dismissal Of Criminal Cases

What Is The Dismissal Of Criminal Cases

Criminal cases dismissal is the dropping of all charges from a convicted felon, either for a crime or a misdemeanor, because of the lack of proof or other reasons.

This is when even if someone sees that record in your permanent record, there is no proof of conviction.

A good dallas criminal lawyer will be able to help you get rid of these unnecessary criminal charges.

Why You Should Never Plea Bargain

If you want your criminal charges to be dismissed, then it is safe to say that you do not want this to have an effect on your permanent record.

However, when you plea bargain in front of a judge, it is proof that you were guilty, and you want the judge to either plead the charges or put you under probation.

This is not a dismissal of charges but a lessening of punishment.

Ways To Get Your Criminal Case Dismissed

Ways To Get Your Criminal Case Dismissed

Here are some of the ways with which you can get your criminal case dismissed with the help of your attorney.

1. Get A Strong Proof Worth Exculpatory

This is about showing evidence that can completely dismiss the entire criminal charge.

Like finding a witness who can talk for you or finding an alibi that is iron clad and there could be nothing which is against that.

In order to prove someone guilty, they will need concrete proof that is so convincing that there is no argument against it.

However, it is not as easy to get it as one might think. So, help your attorney get this worth exculpatory evidence.

2. Pretrial Diversion Program

This is something your attorney can plead in front of the judge.

The accused individual is asked to seek a kind of treatment and stay out of any such crimes or misdemeanors.

If done perfectly, one can drop all the charges easily. This is basically giving a probation period without any final judgment.

3. Negotiate The Charges

Yes, your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor and help them come to a conclusion.

A lawyer can do this before the case is presented in front of the court.

It is a private conversation between a group that has charged the allegations and the alleged individual.

4. Showing Constitutional Rights Violation

If the individual is able to show that there has been some violation of constitutional rights, then every charge will be dropped.

For example-

– Any kind of physical or verbal violence.

– Any kind of threat to the family.

– Denial of legal help.

– Denial of food and water or other necessities.

– Longer waiting period without any arrest.

5. Do Not Give Them A Confession

It is safe to say that if the police don’t have enough proof, they will present a confession in front of a judge.

Get a lawyer involved immediately and do not provide them with any kind of confession.

They won’t force a confession out of you.

Get Your Charges Dropped!

No matter what happens, if you do not want the crime to go to your permanent record, then you have to be a little more determined.

Immediately get a lawyer or the legal team involved because the police will try to intimidate you.

Do not say anything without the presence of a lawyer.

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