How Much Does Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

Legalby Ariana Smith24 September 2021

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases are tough to tackle. An expert lawyer can handle your criminal case with ease and can help you to get justice. Proper information gathering is essential before you hire an efficient criminal lawyer for your case.

The price variation of the criminal defense attorney matters. It depends on the type of criminal case you are accused of. Ensure that you maintain the perfect balance between the price and your estimated budget while seeking the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.   

How Much Your Criminal Lawyer Will Cost You?

The cost of a criminal lawyer will vary depending on the type of criminal cases that you are charged with. So now, let’s find out the types of criminal cases and the charges you will have to pay your criminal defense lawyer for these types of cases.

1. In Case Of First Degree Misdemeanor

In the first degree of Misdemeanor, the chances are slightly severe compared to the other cases. Most of the time, the convict is charged with criminal cases like:-

  • Resisting the chances of arrest without violence.
  • Cases that relate to possession of marijuana.
  • Domestic violence battery.

These are some of the factors that you need to take care of while you want to handle the case of a first-degree misdemeanor. It is a serious matter as you may be sentenced to one year of jail and penalized for paying $1000. Your criminal defense lawyer may charge you between $2000-3500. In the case of an experienced lawyer can charge you nearly $5000, and an affordable lawyer can charge you around $1000, visit website to get a quote.

2. Second Degree Misdemeanors

The second degree of misdemeanors is a simple type of case that most attorneys face on a regular basis. An average attorney will charge you between $1500-$3500. An inexperienced and cheaper lawyer will cost you around $750. These rates will also vary from state to state and one lawyer to another.

All the second-degree misdemeanors cases fall under the following categories:-

  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Petit theft.

All these categories of cases fall under the purview of the second degree of misdemeanors. It can make your life difficult if you do not seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

3. For Third Degree Felonies

If you are convicted of third-degree felonies, then you can consider yourself in big trouble. The main reason behind it is that you will be charged with a $5000 fine, and you will be penalized with five years of Jail.  

A criminal defense lawyer can charge you between $3500 to $10000. Therefore, ensure that you do not bypass these facts while getting rid of these types of situations.

4. For Second Degree Of Felonies

Second-degree felonies are charged up to 15 years while in prison. You are expected to pay between $5000-$25000 every year as a legal representation. These types of charges may take place for certain factors like:-

  • Dealing with the stolen property.
  • When you are charged with the purchase of controlled substances.
  • In order to handle the theft and the Fraud charges.

Try to make the correct choices of the criminal defense attorney who can help you fruitfully achieve their objectives in the right order.

5. First Degree Of Felonies

In the first degree of felonies, the crimes are punishable by death and lifetime prison. Attorneys can charge you depending on the severity of the cases. It may vary along with the range of $35000 to $100000 for saving your life from these types of cases.  

You have to identify these facts while you want to get rid of the felony charges at your end. It will help you to achieve your objectives in the best possible manner. Make sure that you do not make the wrong choices in this regard. Proper planning here holds the key.

Bottom line   

These are critical factors that you have to consider while you want to get rid of some of the legal consequences at your end. Proper planning can make things easier for you and make things more favorable for you at the trial.

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