Reluctant To Sue For A Personal Injury? Here’s Why You Should

Legalby Deepanwita Dey11 October 2023

Personal Injury

Have you been hurt in an accident that left you wondering how you’ll pay your medical bills? If you’ve been thinking about filing a lawsuit after being injured, but you aren’t sure it’s the right move, there are plenty of reasons to follow through.

Attorneys Want You To Win

First and foremost, personal injury attorneys exist to help their clients recover compensation after a serious injury. They want you to win and won’t take your case if they don’t think you have a strong chance at winning. If you haven’t already, at least consult with an attorney to discuss your case. You have nothing to stress about because a personal injury lawyer will handle all negotiations on your behalf and will make sure you get fair financial compensation.

Most injury lawsuits settle out of court and don’t go to trial, and there’s a high chance you can recover enough compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages, provided you can prove your case. In some circumstances, people win additional forms of compensation (economic damages) for things like emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and others.

The negotiation process is faster than taking your case to trial, not to mention cheaper. Your attorney will likely push for a settlement because it’s the fastest way to get your case completed, and you’ll get your money sooner than you would if you went to trial.

Medical Bills Can Be Off The Charts

If you haven’t already received a shock from your medical bills, it could be just around the corner. Medical bills tend to pile up fast after a serious injury, and they aren’t cheap. Some people end up in medical debt for between $10,000-$100,000 or more.

How do you plan on paying your bills? Do you have enough cash? You shouldn’t have to drain your savings, sell your home or car, or refinance your home just to cover expenses that aren’t your fault. It makes more sense to hold the other party responsible in court and recover compensation you can use to pay it all off.

Not paying your medical bills can have detrimental effects on your life. At some point, your unpaid bills will be sent to collections, and if you don’t pay the balance within a certain period of time, you might get sued and have a lien placed on your home, car, or bank account.

The only other option is filing for bankruptcy, but that will cost you time, money, and energy. It’s easier to get an attorney and sue the party responsible for your injuries. In most cases, damages are paid by an insurance company, so it’s not like an individual will be on the hook personally.

If you have medical bills and paying them will hurt you financially, that’s all the reason you need to pursue a lawsuit.

Your Injuries Are Not Your Fault

You didn’t ask to be hurt, and the person who is responsible for your injuries should be the one to cover your bills so you don’t have to disrupt your life. In the case of a true accident that nobody could have seen coming, it’s still possible that someone was negligent, and that contributed to your injury.

For instance, if you slipped and fell in a department store because of a spilled soda, they can be held liable for failing to keep the floors clean. Even if nobody knew about the soda, it could be argued that employees should be regularly checking for hazards.

You Don’t Need To Do It Alone

Some people shy away from filing a lawsuit because it feels overwhelming and confusing. While court paperwork and proceedings are challenging, you don’t have to do anything yourself. Your lawyer will handle everything for you, from filing paperwork to coming up with arguments to win your case. All you need to do is attend your meetings, share as much information as possible, and heed their advice.

Throughout the entire process, you will never be alone, and you’ll never have to make decisions you don’t understand. Your attorney will explain things every step of the way to ensure you understand what’s happening in the courtroom.

Get A Free Consultation Regardless

Even if you aren’t sure you want to pursue a lawsuit yet, there’s no harm in contacting an attorney to have your case assessed. Once you speak with an attorney, you’ll have more information to make your final decision.

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