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Bail Bondsman

The law is sometimes harsh, but it must be obeyed. There is someone who has arranged the legal order a long time ago, and we cannot change that. The thing is simple – we are safe as long as we do things by law, though they may sometimes seem pointless.There are reasons why you need Bail Bondsman.

Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. In practice, this sentence is not applicable entirely. It is not unusual for someone to end up behind bars because of inexperienced lawyers or punished too severely for lack of evidence.

Those who arrest you as a suspect are just doing their job. Until the process of proving innocence begins, law enforcement authorities have the right to detain you if you are suspected. Depending on the crime you are suspected of, there is a price – a bail – which you can pay and be free to await trial.

If you are granted bail, but you or your family has no money for it, there is a possibility for someone else to pay for you. Many defendants will rely on relatives and friends. But if the amount is high, there’s a chance you won’t collect enough money. Looking for a solution, people ask around, click here and there, look for referrals, etc. In that case, you can seek the help of a surety company.

Setting of a Bail

Paying bail is not a buying of liberty, but an appropriate monetary guarantee that the suspects will fulfill their legal obligations. That means that they will attend the scheduled trials, respect deadlines for submitting the requested information or documents, and, most importantly, that they will not leave the country until the process is completed without specific approval.

Bail consists of depositing cash, securities, valuables, or other movable property of higher value, which can be easily redeemed in the form of a real estate mortgage. The court usually determines this amount considering many factors and circumstances.

Some of the crucial ones are the gravity and repetitiveness of the crime, the personal and family circumstances of the defendants, and the financial status of those paying a bail. If there’s no one to guarantee for defendants, the arrested or their families hire a bail bondsman.

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Also, for some crimes, the amount, and at all, the existence of bail is predefined. In the case of the defendant escapes or gets arrested while on bail, everything provided as a guarantee goes to the judicial budget. In case of proven innocence of the defendant, acquittal, or suspended proceedings, the entire amount goes back to the one who paid it.

The Procedure of Hiring Bail Bondsman

Hiring Bail Bondsman

For some crimes, although the suspect may not be guilty, a high bail is prescribed by law. It was often the case that people raised loans, mortgaged real estate, or sold valuables so they could pay a bond. Getting a large bail is a problem because they generally have to be paid in full at once.

When it is impossible to collect a certain amount of money in short time, people turn to surety companies. In simple words, bail bond agents pledge their money instead of you. For that, you pay them a fee and leave some collateral. It can be the rest of the money or something of property or value.

Bail Bondsman guarantee to the court that the defendant will comply with bail conditions. It means you are free of paying the entire bail amount at once. The job of the agents is to provide the defendants appearing at scheduled trials upon their release from custody. Otherwise, they may have to pay bail by using the items you have provided as collateral (cash, real estate, car, jewelry, etc.).

Bail bondsmen’s earnings are the part of the bail that you pay as a fee. It is a non-refundable expense, regardless of the outcome of the trial. If the defendant appears in front f the court every time until the verdict, this will be the only cost they will have. It is undoubtedly a much more acceptable solution than paying the full amount.

Is Surety Company Always A Good Solution?

Bail bond or a Bail Bondsman  as a guarantee is not widely accepted. The law of some states allows it, and they approved the business of surety companies. On the other hand, some states abolished this form of guarantee. Their law considers this a high risk, given the penalties that must be paid if the defendant fails to comply with court conditions.

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The engagement of a surety company depends on a defendant itself. If we have a family man with no criminal history as a suspect, and who has not had any wrongdoing so far, he is more likely to comply with court and bail conditions than someone who is a returnee.

Those wishing to contact surety companies need to think carefully if this is the right move. It is a big deal to leave some of the property as collateral, and be afraid of whether or not you’ll lose it. If you are a defendant, the best solution is to follow the rules established by the court. If you are the guarantor through bail bond agents with your money or property, do this only for someone you trust. People just wouldn’t risk everything they have for everyone.

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