How to Go Green in Your Manufacturing Business

Business by  Mashum Mollah 06 February 2021

Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing sector produces tons of waste every year in every part of the globe. But as a businessman, you don’t need to follow the same principles for your manufacturing company. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at examples of practices you can do to promote a cleaner, safer, and greener environment for your manufacturing firm.

Subscribe to Renewable Energy

One of the easiest and most important ways you can go green in your manufacturing business is by using renewable energy. These days, solar energy is the best option since it’s easy to install and maintain. While the cost might be prohibitive upfront, solar power pays for itself in the long run. Furthermore, being independent of the energy grid in your town means you have a reliable power source that won’t really give you frequent blackouts.

Digitize Communication Channels

Going the digital route for memos and announcements save time, energy, money, and paper, too. Most paper waste comes from an unnecessary paper trail that gets trashed after at least a week. So it’s better for your pockets and for the environment to quit the paper-based system and join the modern man’s digitalized communication system so it will be easier for you to relay necessary information. Plus, feedback is almost instantaneous, too. There are so many digital communications platforms available, and some are even free. Hence, there isn’t any real reason for you not to implement this in your company.

Use eco-friendly tools

Use eco-friendly tools

Aside from paper and other office tools, the production floor also generates tons of waste using the big equipment used. Fortunately, there is some machinery that reduces the waste they produce like the adhesive dispense machines from Medtronic. Just like solar power, investing in such eco-friendly tools may be a bit pricey, but you know it’s worth it.

Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste

The waste reduction does not end in going paperless or using better equipment. For the manufacturing sector, this could also include reducing packaging materials and using green chemical products to minimize hazardous chemicals for your operations. On top of all that, you can employ the age-old tradition of recycling to get the most out of your materials. You can donate the extra stuff or reuse it, too if applicable.

Conserve Water

Conserve Water

Water is a renewable resource that humans tend to overlook. This is particularly true for big businesses that don’t really sweat the details when it comes to operating expenses like water and even electricity. However, the optimization of water use for factories and manufacturing plants is necessary because of the staggering amount of pollution such industries release everyday.

While conserving water does not really remedy the situation, it can still do some good with regard to minimizing or reducing the impact of big factories in terms of water resources.

Water conservation can happen in multiple ways. At the institutional level, businessmen can make sure that the facilities have a water treatment capacity to recycle groundwater or even rain. Plus, employees must of course do their fair share in conserving water through simple ways such as turning off the faucet when not in use or not wasting drinking or even tap water/

Try Circular Manufacturing

Implementing circular or lean manufacturing is a good way to not only optimize your business processes but also reduce waste. So if you don’t know where to start in trying to build a cleaner manufacturing business, you could look into circular manufacturing to guide you through it.

Being an environmentally-conscious manufacturing company is admittedly, a difficult mission. There are lots of things to consider and society certainly doesn’t make it easy to make the switch. But do understand that this mission is necessary to keep this very society running for the next years to come. By going green, you set a great example for other industries to follow suit, and hopefully one day, every company can apply the same principles in doing business for the benefit of not just your pockets but of the world.

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