Should I Go to Rehab Now That the U.S. Is Opening Back Up?

Health & Fitness by  Mashum Mollah 29 April 2021

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Over the last year, the world’s mental health has been pushed to the limit. The isolation, stress of losing one’s job, and fear of being sick have led many people to sink into unhealthy old habits (or pick up new ones).

For many, these habits include excessive drinking, abusing drugs, or struggling with an eating disorder. While we may try to convince ourselves we’re fine —

“Oh, a few bottles of wine a night isn’t that bad compared to what everyone else is drinking.”
“I’m so stressed — I need to pop a few extra Xanax.”

“I’ve gained so much weight during quarantine; I’ll just purge a little so I don’t gain more.”

— the truth is that many of us aren’t fine. These behaviors may have been going on for over a year now, and there are some underlying issues at play that aren’t being addressed.

In addition to the mental and emotional issues that led you to use, there’s also the fact that your body may now be dependent on your substance of choice. Now, it’s no longer a case of you “should” get help; you need to get help because detoxing on your own can be very dangerous.

How Do I Go About Looking for Rehabs to Attend?

First, ask yourself what’s most important to you. You’ve likely been stuck in the same twenty-mile radius for the last year. Do you think it’d be beneficial to get outside your normal surroundings?

For most, the answer is yes. Getting away from your daily environment sends a message to your body that you’re really doing this, and you can’t simply back out when you’re faced with some of the difficult issues you’re struggling with.

Next, look into the different treatment modalities offered. Are you looking for an AA program? Or something a little more experience-based?

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, do you want a controlled environment, where everything is done for you? Or would you rather be an active participant in your eating disorder treatment to rebuild your relationship with food?

Call up a few treatment centers and ask them what their clients do on a daily basis. The more specific they are, the better insight you’ll have into what life will actually look like there.

Can I Still Do Some Remote Work at Rehab?

Can I Still Do Some Remote Work at Rehab?

In the age of Zoom meetings and working from home, there are many opportunities to stay connected to your work while attending rehab.

Some addiction treatment centers will work with you to schedule time to check emails or attend meetings. This is an important thing to ask, however, as some programs take away your phone and laptop upon arrival.

How Do I Travel Safely?

Before booking any travel arrangements, speak with the intake specialist at the rehab. They likely have a guide in place to help you get to their program in the safest way. A few questions you can ask are:

  • What airline has the best disinfectant protocol? Are they allowing people to sit by you on the plane?
  • Are you required to take a covid-19 test before getting to the rehab center?
  • What are the rehab’s cleaning and safety protocols?
  • Will you have to share a room with someone upon being admitted to the rehab?

If you are vaccinated but still have reservations, ask the rehab their guidelines on working with vaccinated clients. While the U.S. may be opening back up, many of us still have lingering feelings of anxiety that should be acknowledged before making any big plans.

Making the Decision to Get Help:

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that life can change at a moment’s notice. Our health is a fragile entity, and putting extra strain on it in the way of harmful substances or purging can affect us greatly down the road.

There’s no better time than the present to act, and your body will ultimately thank you for getting help as soon as possible.

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