What’s It Like Going To Rehab In California

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Rehab In California

When you picture a California rehab, you might envision a fancy resort with one-on-one nutrition coaches offering you smoothies as you lounge by the pool.

Sure, these luxurious options exist, but they’re not affordable for most people seeking treatment, and amenities do not indicate the success of the treatment regime or recovery.

Here we break down what rehab in California is like for the majority of people seeking help.

California Rehab Ideals:

California Rehab Ideals

Yes, California is the magical land of dreams. Thousands of people flock to the state every year to claim fame, stardom, better health, nicer weather, and what have you.

The opportunities in this large state are abundant but weeding out the good from the bad can be difficult when so many enticing businesses are always heading your way. When it comes to rehab, though it is treated, it is also a business.

The many rehab centers by the ocean or in the hilltops do not match most people’s budgets seeking help. If you’re struggling with addiction, chances are you’re also struggling financially in some form or another, so pursuing treatment at luxury treatment centers is not a possibility.

This is, however, not the worst thing in the world, as many fancy rehabs do not offer what truly counts in terms of lasting recovery. You can drink as many green smoothies as you want, but all that fiber will never curb your addiction and substance abuse.

What you need is a controlled, safe setting to detox and journey into the process of lasting healing with a staff that is adequately trained to treat the physical and emotional effects of addiction.

Sometimes the fanciest places lack the background needed to fulfill these obligations. If you’re ready to take the first step to get away from your addiction, check out The Edge Treatment, a California-based treatment center where your happy and healthy life is its utmost priority.

Real-Life Rehab Centers in California:

So, where do most people go?

A small-scale, independently run rehab center in California. These rehab centers are usually set up in homes that are large enough to host a controlled number of patients.

You may be lucky enough to find a center with a pool or a view of a palm tree, but you’ll be very aware of the fact that you’re there for treatment, not a vacation. Other than the setting, you’ll be pleased to work with staff trained to help you recover and maintain the social support of others going through the transition to better health alongside you.

Options and Options:

Another upside to affordable rehab in California is that you have many options. California is a big state, so you can have your pick of the litter, even within your budget. This is great because you can think through which program is right for you and what kind of treatment you believe makes the most sense.

Ultimately, going to rehab in California is like going to rehab any place else. Unless you’re super-rich, you’ll feel like you’re in a cozier version of a hospital. It’s no walk in the park, but it’s everything you need: trained staff and 24-hour care.

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