Getting a Custom Night Guard: Ordering Online vs Going to the Dentist

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Custom Night Guard

Waking up with a throbbing head could be frustrating. If you start experiencing this and do not have an underlying condition to blame, you might be suffering from bruxism. Bruxism is a mental condition involving clenching, grinding, or gnashing of teeth.

This requires expert intervention so that someone that is diagnosed with such a problem gets seriously injured because of this. Make sure that you see an orthodontist as soon as possible to get help with this issue. For more information on the best orthodontist and dental procedures that can help you overcome Bruxism, please visit website.

Dealing with the condition as early as symptoms minimize side effects. You have to visit your dentist for an examination and get a custom nightguard to reduce pressure. You may decide to buy your night guard from your dentist or order online. Read here to learn more about custom teeth grinding guards and their benefits in bruxism.

Benefits of Custom Teeth Grinding Guard

Benefits of Custom Teeth Grinding Guard

A custom night guard can help stop teeth grinding and lessen the impact of the side effects in various ways.

1. Jaw Pain Relief

If you have bruxism, you often wake up with painful jaws. It is because of straining the jaw muscles while grinding. Custom teeth grinding guards will help reduce the pressure exerted by clenching teeth for a long time. Combining the teeth guard with other relaxation techniques can help reduce the frequency and intensity of teeth grinding and clenching.

2. Protecting the Enamel

Bruxism mainly affects the enamel, making enamel protection the number one benefit of custom teeth grinding guards. Grinding results in teeth damage, which is evident by chipped, cracked, loose, breaking, or flattening front teeth. If your problem is only clenching and no grinding, you may consider a soft rubber teeth guard.

Protecting the enamel can save you from further uncertainties such as early tooth loss or expensive dental procedures to reverse the damage resulting from bruxism.

Should You Order a Custom Teeth Grinding Guard Online or Go to the Dentist?

Should You Order a Custom Teeth Grinding Guard Online or Go to the Dentist?

Before deciding where to buy your custom teeth grinding guard, it is essential to consider what the two options have to offer. The significant difference between buying online and buying from a dentist is the process.

  • Cost Online vs. Dentist

Ordering a custom tooth grinding guard online is cheaper than going to a dentist. Furthermore, most insurance plans do not cover mouthguards, and those who cover allow replacement after several years. Therefore, you can save a significant amount if you order your custom teeth guard online from a reputable seller.

  • Time and Experience

Your dentist takes the impression of your teeth grinding guard. Once the dentist takes the impression of your teeth, they will request you to make frequent follow-ups. After receiving your custom mouthguard, you will have another appointment to report the fit.

Ordering a similar product online will be faster and less tiring. Once you order, the seller will send you an impression kit within a week. Once you return the equipment, you will only wait for a week for your custom mouthguard.

  • Comfort and Professionalism

Even though visiting the dentist is costly and time-consuming, it is the best option in case you have a severe condition of bruxism. Especially, If you are unsure, the best option is to have a check-up to get your preventive dental care. If you are concerned about the price more, please know that not treating bruxism properly or wrongly can result in many more serious problems like tooth damage, jaw problems, and gum disease. Treating those will cost you even more than your custom night guard from the dentist. To sum up, it all depends on the reasons you are using the product.

Adjustment and Replacement

Adjustment and Replacement

Many dentists do not allow for replacement once you purchase your custom teeth grinding night guard, and if you get a chance, you will have to pay extra. If the guard fits but is uncomfortable, the dentist might ask you to reduce wearing time until you get used.

On the contrary, if you get a reputable online seller, you can choose the thickness of the guard and decide whether you want it on the upper or lower side. Some online companies have replacement plans to get a new guard and make adjustments where necessary.

The Bottom Line

Bruxism can advance to worse complications, including losing your teeth if you are not careful. Getting custom teeth grinding guard will offer you more benefits and experience you deserve.

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