What You Must Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Health & Fitness by  Sharmita Shee 01 June 2018 Last Updated Date: 19 February 2021

Teeth Healthy

Whether you admit or not, a good set of teeth is truly like any other stable investment. If they are looked after on a regular basis, the teeth can serve a person well into their sixties or seventies. However, most people think that simply brushing their teeth once or twice a day is enough for maintaining good oral hygiene. Sadly, it is not that easy. For instance, visiting this reputable cosmetic dentist based boynton beach can help you when you’re in need of certain treatments. People wishing to maintain the health of their teeth need to work for it and that work consists of avoiding a lot of things.

Here are some of the activities that people must avoid to keep their teeth healthy:

1. Smoking:

We all know the adverse health effects of smoking. The effect of this much-practiced habit on teeth is equally bad. Regular smoking tends to leave a layer of residue stuck on the teeth. Over a few years, constant exposure to smoke will naturally make the teeth lose their natural shade of white.

2. Using teeth as tools:

Ever used the teeth as a tool, for instance, to open a bottle cap? If the answer is yes, what people need to be asking is ‘how much to fix a chipped tooth’? Using teeth as tools causes the jawline to be exposed to rigid forces. This exposure to rigid forces usually results in either a chipped tooth or badly swollen gums – either of which is very harmful to the teeth on a long-time basis.

3. Exposing to ice:

Exposure to ice can cause the nerve endings present in the mouth to send weird transmissions to the brain – this usually leads to the patient getting brain freezes. Although brain freezes are not considered to be too serious by most dentists, it is still an ache worth avoiding.

4. Tongue piercing:

Tongue piercings serve as the ideal location for bacteria. Having a tongue piercing and not checking or cleaning it could lead to all types of infections in the mouth, including teeth or gum infections. Hence, if someone has a tongue piercing it is highly advisable to take extra care of the oral health and clean the mouth on a regular basis.

5. Nail-biting:

Biting nails can cause the teeth to become askew. The consistent bending and tampering of the teeth on a regular basis via biting nails could actually cause them to misalign. In addition to that, nail-biting as a habit can cause damage to several sets of teeth, especially the external enamel portion. Biting nails can also chip the teeth.

6. Eating lemons and not washing the mouth:

Lemons may be the perfect source of vitamin C, but there are high levels of citric acid present in them. Citric acid holds the ability to rapidly wear down the enamel on the external portion of the teeth. So, whenever you are consuming lemons, make sure to wash your mouth.

7. Drinking alcohol:

Drinking alcohol unsupervised is also a big no. People who enjoy drinking must ensure that they take extra measures to avoid tooth decay. For instance, some people eat spinach with wine as spinach has a natural tooth-protecting effect on oral health.

Oral health is important. It not only affects a person physically but also psychologically, by leaving an impact on the general attitude. Just by avoiding these habits a set of healthy teeth can be easily achieved.

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