How To Determine If You Need Braces?

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Smile is the universal language that everyone understands and acknowledges. Most people want to have a bright and beautiful smile. But flaws in teeth alignment and other orthodontic problems can make one self-conscious while smiling. Braces can be an effective solution to enhance your smile as well as your oral health. Check out these signs to determine if you need braces:

Crooked teeth:

If you have teeth that are not properly aligned or perfectly straight, it is a clear sign that you need braces. Crooked teeth may not always cause a problem for you. But it can impact your physical appearance. Having straight teeth can lend you the confidence to smile in a carefree manner. The main advantage of having straight teeth is that they are good for your dental health. That is why it is essential to put braces on your crooked teeth. Besides braces, you can consider veneers treatment in Oakbrook Terrace as well if you prefer the look of veneers more.

Irregularly spaced teeth:

Having teeth with wide spaces in between them is not a desirable factor when it comes to your smile. However, that is not the only reason to think about rectifying this problem. Too much space between your teeth can create dental problems for you. For instance, you may face problems in chewing your food, or food particles can get wedged between your teeth and cause bad breath and other oral problems. Braces can help you to adjust the spaces between your teeth and regain a bright smile.

Underbite :

Do your upper front teeth recede behind the lower front teeth when you smile? Then it can be a case of you having an underbite. If you have this condition in your teeth, it can create certain aesthetic and oral problems. For instance, it can impact your facial appearance and enhance facial aging. Also, an underbite can cause you to suffer from biting and chewing difficulties. You can overcome this problem by using braces. Getting dental braces from orthodontists can be a simple and affordable way to reclaim your smile and your oral health.


In case you find that your front teeth protrude farther out than your bottom teeth, you may have an overbite. This is the condition in which your bottom teeth may seem to disappear when you bite. A pronounced overbite can be the reason behind various oral problems. For example, this condition can aggravate the risk of trauma to your front teeth. You are in danger of fracturing or losing your front teeth easily in case of an injury. An overbite can even create complications in various dental solutions such as having cosmetic fillings or crowns in your teeth. This problem can be corrected using braces.

Crowding :

When there is insufficient space in your mouth to hold all the teeth, it can lead to crowding. Without having proper space, your teeth may become crooked or overlap. Also, in case of severe crowding, you may not be able to clean every area of your mouth. This can lead to the accumulation of plaque, gum disease, bad breath, and even tooth decay. Braces can be an effective way to correct crowding.

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