It’s a Great Time to Buy a Beachfront Condo For Sale in Pattaya

Real Estateby Mashum Mollah14 January 2021

Beachfront Condo For Sale in Pattaya

Looking for a Beachfront Condo For Sale in Pattaya?  Try Jomtien!

Beachfront Condo For Sale in PattayaAs the Coronavirus rages on, halting economical growth and limiting mobility for international travelers, the real estate market continues to tumble and become more favorable for buyers. Thailand and the Thai real estate market are no exception to these global trends; the past 12 months have seen property values plummet as developers and owners struggle to find buyers and renters. Because of the more attractive prices, beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya have never been a hotter commodity.

Thais and ex-pats that live in Bangkok have descended upon Pattaya and Jomtien to escape the health risks in the big city. Jomtien has since been a haven for Bangkokians to work remotely and live a comfortable life while Bangkok suffers from lockdowns and business closures. In Pattaya, beachfront condos for sale and rent are at an attractive price for investors and for those looking to move.

If you are considering investing in a long-term property or looking to change your scenery while the world navigates the pandemic, consider looking at one of the many luxury condos for sale in Pattaya.

Consider Properties in Jomtien Beach

Jomtien BeachJomtien is a 6km beach just a few minutes south of Pattaya and is where most of the available beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya are located. The entirety of the beach faces west, ensuring that property owners get a beautiful sunset each night. Many of the luxury condos have private beaches for tenants where they can rent small watercraft or beach chairs and enjoy the nearly 100km of unobstructed sea view across the Gulf of Thailand.

Jomtien is unique in that it is wholly secluded from Pattaya while being close enough to the city to be convenient for daily trips. There are no mega malls or walking streets, or congested traffic in Jomtien; however, the commute into the city takes mere minutes. This makes it easy to attend to business in the city without having to live there.

Many ex-pats who have purchased a beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya have chosen Jomtien because of its location. They can visit doctors or premium supermarkets in Pattaya while also residing in a quiet neighborhood with an unparalleled beach view. There are additionally many accredited international schools in the area for ex-pat children to attend.

Jomtien is also popular due to its proximity to U-Tapao airport. U-Tapao routinely has flights to major domestic airports, making the possibility for a weekend trip to Chiang Mai or Phuket a breeze. In the next few years, the Thai government will finish a high-speed train that will connect U-Tapao to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. The train route includes stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport as well as a few other stops in Bangkok, Samut Prakan, and Chonburi. Ultimately, this train will make it easier for residents of Jomtien to visit Bangkok or transport between international airports.

If you are in the market for a beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya, look no further than Jomtien.  With its unrivaled beachfront space, spectacular views, and convenient location, you’ll be hooked immediately. Who knows, maybe your weekend getaway will become your permanent home.

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