A Guide to Removing Stains from Leather Furniture

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Leather Furniture

Leather furniture has earned its elegance and high-end status in many homes. It adds beauty to any interior décor. However, one key reason as to why many homeowners choose leather upholstery as cover for furniture is that it’s easy to clean. Although leather is easy to clean, maintaining its high-end status requires proper and delicate cleaning solutions. Here is a guide to keeping your leather furniture looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

Remove surface dirt

Gently remove the cushions and throw pillows from the sofa to check for debris and creases that may be trapped in between the cracks. Depending on the furniture’s manufacturer, the set may come with a soft brush designed to brush the dust off the leather surface without scratching. Softly brush the leather cover to remove any crumbs or debris. In the absence of the brush, you may use a soft cloth.

For markers and ink

Alcohol does magic when it comes to removing ink and markers’ stains on leather covers. You will dip a cotton swab in alcohol and gently dab the stain. Be sure not to soak your target area in a lot of alcohol as it may diminish the leather dye and fine finish. After the ink stain is out, clean with a damp cloth and later wipe with a dry rag.


Grease stains from skin, hair, and food are best eradicated when still fresh. Wipe off as much grease as possible with a clean rag or paper towel. If the stain isn’t as stubborn, you may use baby wipes, damp cloth or leather cleaning wipe to lift off the remaining grease. Be sure not to soak the leather in water or wetness. Dry the area by dabbing with a dry cloth. If the stain becomes stubborn, shake a generous amount of cornstarch or baking soda and lemon juice and let it sit on the spot for a few hours. Clean it off later.


Little known to most people, mild oils such as olive and baby oil can erase scratches. Simple immerse a cotton swab in either oil and slowly rub it on the scratch. You should see the scratch gradually diminish. Leave it for about five minutes and wipe off the excess oil with a dry rag.

General cleaning

If you would like to leave the entire piece of leather furniture sparkling, you will mix two parts of white vinegar with one part of olive oil. You may consider adding a few drops of fragrance to slash off the sharp vinegar smell. With a clean rag wipe the leather surface with the cleaning solution gently. Repeat the process with a dry cloth to dry the leather cover and the excess cleaning solution.

Give it an oil finish

By now, the surface is dull and dry. To restore life in the leather and diminish the fading look, try dabbing with coconut oil or any other natural leather cleaner. Dab the surface with oil just like you would do with shoe polish on leather shoes.

Using these above-discussed tips will not only help maintain your leather but also make cleaning easier. But sometimes no matter how much scrubbing you do you just can’t remove the stain. When it’s time to upgrade, visit European Leather Gallery here to find your next new addition.

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