How Social Media is challenging to the Next Generation (Infographic)

Social Mediaby Mashum Mollah17 September 2018

Social Media

The popularity of social media has been increasing every single day. You cannot run away from the fact that social media has significant effects in our life. The platform has both positive and negative impacts on human beings depending on how the individual uses it. Some people have developed strong social ties or even secured excellent employment opportunities on social media. On the contrary, we have people who are into drug abuse, pornography, or committed murder because of social media. The platform is the same, but the difference is how the people use it.

The most affected group when you talk about social media are our teenagers. Its like social media has taken full control of the lives of this group. You will find them spending most of their time on this platform interacting with their friends. It’s the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children are practicing responsible social media interactions. All the answers that people are looking for in life are available on social media. This article looks at both the positive and negative effects of social media. It’s good to make sure that the next generation will overcome the challenges that social media poses to them. We have to take advantage of the positive effects of social networking and block any adverse effects from the platform.

How Social Media is challenging to the Next Generation (Infographic)

Mashum Mollah

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