How to be heard on Soundcloud?

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Music is might. We are surrounded by it everywhere we go. Even the universe itself is creating vibrations that we might someday hear. But, all music is not the same. There are many genres and picking a specific one is hard since there is excellent music to be heard in every one of them. When most of us are teenagers, we choose one style and explore it thoroughly. We base our entire personality and physical appearance on it.

Eventually, most of us grow out of this phase and focus on many different genres and enjoy music from all types. This is why Soundcloud is essential in today’s world. It connects every music creator to all the people who love to listen to music. Soundcloud gained its popularity because DIY creators have the opportunity to share their music. Read more here.

Many great things make this platform stand out among all others. In the previous years, industries were the ones who did the promoting. They picked who could be famous and what kind of music will be played. Now, it has all changed. On this website, unknown people make a boom overnight and become famous. Everyone has the same opportunities, and all they need to do is be good at creating music.

You want your music to be heard:

Now, in the modern world, the most important thing is to be authentic and honest. This means that the music you create needs to have a personal mark, something that will distinguish it from the rest. This is vital if you want to stand out among the crowd. There are many people just like you that want to succeed and share their art. Make sure that yours has something that is unique and special. Apart from that, there are a few things that you can do to hit the publishing jackpot. We’ll look at a few tips.

Tell a story:

A great thing about the website is the waveform bar. It is an interactive application what lets other people comment on specific parts of the song. But, you could do it too. This is a great way to connect to your audience and improve. If you aren’t sure about a specific part of a song, ask the people who listen to it to give honest feedback. Then, make changes to it and publish it again as a mastered version or just upload a new version over the previous one. Read on here for more information:

Share it everywhere:

Facebook and Twitter are great websites that have absolutely nothing to do with music. But there is one thing that connects them to it. They both have a lot of people. And, among that many people, there will be ones who will check out a new track. Soundcloud gives you the opportunity to share your music automatically to these sites. If you link your account to these websites, as soon as you publish a cool new song or remix, a ton of people will definitely be excited to hear it.

How to not lose likes and comments while changing the audio?

For this, you will need a pro subscription. This gives an opportunity to change the audio without losing any of the comments or the likes. Adding little tweaks based on feedback will improve the music, and more people will get to enjoy it since the previous one amassed traffic.

Use a trick to dominate all of the competition:

Companies like BuyPlaysFast suggest that strong marketing is a crucial aspect when introducing something new to the world. What if someone is just starting out? Everyone knows how hard it is to get an audience. But, don’t fret, there is a solution. You could buy plays, likes, followers, and comments. There are many services online that offer a marketing campaign to make you a rising music star. This gives everyone the chance to reach their dreams and get heard in this busy world of ours.

Great album art attracts both eyes and ears:

No matter where you post the track, the album art will be there as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook or some blog, the artwork always represents the music. For best results, it’s recommended to use a picture that is 800×800 pixels. Moreover, before people hear the song, they’ll see the art. If they get inspired by a beautiful art piece and hear great music coming along, they will become a fan of yours instantly. Humans use their senses for everything, so make use of the most important one – the eyes.


This is a tool that most people often overuse. If the genre is House or Drum n Bass, there is no need to add tags for Rock, Rap and other subgroups. Be true to the content you create. Add a few moods, a location to the piece, and stick to a single genre to make things clear. Read more about tagging here:

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