What Is Human Resource Planning and Why Is It Vital to Organizations?

Businessby Mashum Mollah17 August 2021

Human Resource Planning

The employees of any given company are vital since they help a business achieve its goals and contribute significantly to the company’s growth. Employees also play their part in ensuring the business’s success by assisting the company to accomplish its missions and visions. In business, it is essential to consider that a good workforce will keep your company still for a long time the number of financial resources you have.

For this case, human resource planning is vital, and all companies should take it seriously. Proper HR Planning will boost the performance of your business, making it survive for a long.

Human Resource planning is a method used by many companies to obtain, make proper use of, improve skills and maintain their employees. The goal of human resource planning is to assist those looking for jobs to fit in the appropriate positions in line with the skills and ensure the company’s resources are utilized fully and effectively.

Therefore, the planning process will select the most qualified talent for a specific job position at the appropriate time and appropriate place.

Moreover, human resource planning will assist companies in preparing for job openings that may result from several things, such as some employees retiring, others getting promotions and transfers, and others terminating their contracts. It, therefore, means that effective planning regarding the workforce will ensure that businesses are fully prepared in case anything comes up.

Significance of Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning imposes significance on any given organization. They include:

Hiring the Most Effective and Talented individuals

Hiring the Most Effective and Talented individuals

It is an essential aspect of human resource planning. The selection process will be based on the most talented and capable individual to fill a specific vacancy during any job interview. Human resource planning will check on what they need in an individual, whether they possess the skills they require, and then go on and pick an individual after fulfilling their requirements.

Effective Use of a Company’s Resources

It is the work of human resource planning to ensure optimal use of the organization’s resources. The planning process will involve an assessment of the company’s resources and incorporating the appropriate workforce to utilize resources effectively to achieve the company’s objectives.

As mentioned earlier, human resource planning will select individuals with the most relevant skills. Effective utilization of the company’s resources will lead to a decrease in the cost of production.

After identifying the right skill to suit a specific job position, it is the work of human resource planning to offer training to their workforce for further development of their talents. The workforce planning will regularly develop training campaigns to impart more skills to their workforce, thus enabling them to become more efficient in their work.

Deals with Future Workforce Needs

Deals with Future Workforce Needs

Workforce planning is also essential since it always ensures that the company’s operations are not disrupted by providing individuals to perform different tasks. Therefore, it is used as a tool for assuring the company that there will always be a workforce to proceed with the company’s activities. Moreover, it will determine the number and type of individuals the company needs shortly.

Deals with Any Upcoming Changes



Workforce planning is also essential since it will assist the organization in coping with any changes that may arise due to external environmental factors. It will do this by assessing the current workforce through workforce inventory. It will then come up with ways to adapt to any changes that may arise. For example, political and economic differences.


As mentioned earlier, human resource planning is crucial for any business that wants to succeed in terms of growth. Therefore, having workforce planning in your organization will ensure the smooth operation of your company for an extended period. It will ensure that you have the appropriate workforce for your organization’s activities and will also ensure that resources are utilized effectively.

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