The Joys Of Living In Perth – Why This Australian City Is Real Estate Heaven

Real Estateby Ariana Smith22 January 2019


Australia’s easternmost city, Perth is all about open spaces and energetic lifestyles. It boasts a cosmopolitan population and is home to some of the biggest firms in the southern hemisphere. From its thriving central business district to its leafy suburbs, the city is considered one of the best places in the world to live.

If you are considering investing in Perth real estate then there are plenty of reasons why that is a wonderful idea. The Perth metro area has immense potential. From two-story homes to smaller houses designed to leverage maximum space, there is a lot of choice for prospective homeowners.

With firms like, you can explore the many advantages of living in Perth. Here are some of the fantastic things that make Perth a perfect home.

Attractions Along with The Swan:

The Swan River is the most defining natural attraction in Perth. The city has grown around this meandering waterway, which is filled with recreational attractions all year round. Living in Perth means a lot of time spent by the captivating riverside.

From Segway tours that follow the bank to walking routes, it is a perfect spot for outdoor fun. Families picnicking on the grassy slopes are a common sight and the city skyline offers an awe-inspiring backdrop. If you are looking for some adventure, then the Swan has many surprises. Sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing are some of the popular water sports that Perth is famous for.

Enjoy river cruises all year round and hop on to a ferry to visit attractions like the Perth Zoo. Angling and fishing enthusiasts can celebrate in Perth – the Swan is known for its bounty of mulloways and flatheads along with delicious crustaceans.

The riverside is also a vibrant social hub with innumerable cafes and restaurants providing the venue for a memorable rendezvous.

Downtown Attractions:

Head downtown to soak in the vibes of the city while visiting its landmark attractions. The Cultural Center is regarded as one of the top places to spend a day in Perth. There is always something new to see and experience every time you visit this area. A majority of the museums and galleries in the Perth Cultural Center are free to enter.

If you want a spectacular view then head over to Kings Park. It is one of the largest city parks on the entire planet and during September, it plays host to a spring festival. Live music and delightful floral exhibitions are just some of the highlights of this event.

Food enthusiasts will relish exploring the Twilight Hawkers market, which happens from October to April. From authentic Asian street food and South American barbeques to experimental cuisines by up-and-coming chefs, this is the perfect spot for an epicurean adventure.

A bright economic future, great infrastructure and utilities, and a reputation for friendliness and safety make Perth a dream come true for many. Learn more about the different districts and suburbs so you can find your new home.

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