5 reasons why using an A-frame lifting gantry on a construction site is absolutely needed

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A-frame lifting gantry

If you’re in the construction business, you know that there is a lot of manual labor involved. You will have your men in charge of lifting heavy objects, placing flooring, building walls, and demolishing buildings.

Not only are they going to be on their feet all day, using their hands, carrying heavy objects, and building objects, but they will also be in charge of operating heavy equipment and machinery. Some of the most important pieces of machinery involve cranes, bulldozers, and an A-frame lifting gantry.

But what is an A-frame lifting gantry? This type of lifting gantry is a specific type of equipment and machine that is used for construction sites and other scenarios in which the workers need to lift heavy objects that they cannot do on their own.

By using an A-frame lifting gantry, you can make sure that your employees stay safe, you can easily lift objects, you can balance the load, and you avoid any accidents in the workplace. Let’s see the main reason why using an A-frame lifting gantry is absolutely necessary for all construction sites!

5 reasons you MUST have an A-frame lifting gantry on a construction site

Even though you may think that you can do the work on your own with the help of your dedicated employees, sometimes things are just too generous, too unwieldy, or too heavy to lift on your own. And this is completely understandable – as a construction worker and foreman, you will be tasked with using equipment to lift extremely heavy objects that are impossible for men to lift on their own.

This is where an A-frame lifting gantry – using this type of equipment is the best way that you can use a permanent lifting solution to cut costs, avoid accidents, and improve workplace efficiency!

Avoid workplace pack diets

Avoid workplace pack diets

If you are trying to get the work done on your own by using your workers, this can lead to workplace accidents. If you use unsafe lifting techniques, this can cause accidents, items to fall over, heavy items to fall onto the people, and damaged equipment.

Not only will you potentially harm your equipment, which can cost you thousands of dollars and tons of hours of lost working time, but it can hurt your employees. The last thing you want is a legal battle and a lawsuit regarding worker safety. Keep your workers safe by using an A-frame lifting gantry to safely and efficiently lift items on your construction site.

Quick assembly

The second reason to use an A-frame lifting gantry instead of another type of lifting mechanism is that it is easy to put together and assemble!

If you’re trying to find the best, most cost-effective, and efficient solution to lift items on your construction site, using an A-frame lifting gantry checks both of these boxes. You don’t have to wait around for days for the piece to be put together – this can cost you valuable time and manpower. Instead, the whole setup of an A-frame lifting gantry takes only a few hours, meaning you will be good to go on your construction site in no time!


The third reason you should consider using an A-frame lifting gantry for your construction site is that it is customizable to your needs. Do you need a gantry that is adjustable to the height of what you are lighting? No problem!

Chances are at the intrusion site, you will be lifting various objects, some of which will be bigger and longer, and others which will be smaller and heavier. To accommodate the various sizes and loads, you can use your customizable A-frame lifting gantry with ease.

Different power drives

Different power drives

The next reason you should consider using an A-frame lifting gantry for your construction site is that you can choose different types of lifting options that work for your specific needs. Although hall A-frame lifting gantries are initially built the same way, you can choose different powered options which will help you in your specific construction project. There are a few different power drives that you can choose from when it comes to your A-frame lifting gantry:

  • V-track: this type of A-frame lifting gantry uses a fixed path for maximum stability.
  • Guide angle: this type of A-frame lifting gantry uses two motors, polyurethane wheels, and bolts to the wall base. This means that you will have additional stability since you are up against a fixed object – the wall.
  • Trackless – the last type of A-frame lifting gantry that you can use on your construction site is a trackless drive, which is the best choice to use when you want to keep your floor open and clear of any guides.


The last reason that you should consider using an A-frame lifting gantry is that it is completely mobile! Instead of having one piece of machinery equipment that can pick up and put down items – but is fixed in one location – you can use a portable A-frame lifting gantry system that can be moved around your construction site.

You can choose between the various types of customizable options, and then use your personalized A-frame lifting gantry anywhere that you choose on your site. This means that you do not have to stop your construction while you are using the gantry – simply move it between locations to allow for maximum productivity.


In your case, using an A-Frame lifting any system is a must-have for all construction sites! Not only is it portable, easy to use, easy to set up, and maximizes safety on the intrusion site, but it can help you avoid workplace accidents and easily lift objects! After all, as the foreman of a construction site, you need to take the worker’s health and safety into consideration – using an A-Frame lifting gantry system is the best way you can avoid workplace accidents, avoid legal battles, and keep everyone safe on the job.

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