Know About the Benefits of Safety Handrail Systems

Businessby Ariana Smith15 March 2018

Safety Handrail Systems

The industrial workplace is not a Disneyland to work in. There can be many dangers lurking out from here and there. In order to avoid any kind of accident, there is an increasing demand for the safety measures. The safety handrail systems are born out of such concerns.

Most of the times, we fail to consider the importance of having the handrails on our sides. We only seem to understand the benefit of it when it is not there at all. If you are working in an industrial area or have several people working for you in such place, you really need to know the benefits of safety handrail systems.

The Various Materials of Handrails :

The benefits of handrails closely depend on the materials these are made of. The materials range from aluminum to wood. What kind of handrail you are going to use, depends on for what reason you are going to use it. All the materials, however, have their own benefits and advantages as well.

  • Aluminum is the best material to consider due to its immense strength and performance level. It is known for its power of endurance and durability as well. Since the material is very light, it is quite easy to be installed also.
  • After aluminum, the immediate choice that comes to one’s mind is the stainless steel. If aluminum is not your first choice, then you should opt for stainless steel as it is quite affordable. The handrails made of this material are very strong and have a great appearance. If you do not have a heavy industrial workplace and have a bit of smaller workforce, you can think of adding wooden handrails. The look created by this material is simply beautiful and elegant.
  • Apart from all the above mentioned usual choices, another choice is the fibreglass. The cleaning and polishing of these types of railings, however, can be a bit costlier.

Few Benefits of Using Safety Handrail Systems :

Depending on the types of handrails, their benefits vary. Here are the most basic and important ones for you to consider.

Safety Handrail Systems 2

  • In case a person loses his balance on the staircase for some reason or suffers from certain types of muscular weakness, they might feel the need to hang on to the safety handrail systems. This is especially applicable to the people of older age, heavily pregnant women and people with physical disabilities. The handrails provide them much needed balance whenever they are in need of it.
  • When people use a staircase devoid of handrails, there is always some possibility that they might fall down. The handrails on the decks or in an industrial area create an important barrier between the surface and the point of fall.
  • Vertigo is a disease, which refers to an extreme fear of heights. If there is a person working for you with vertigo, safety handrail can be of great use to him. A safety handrail can make him more confident and also make him feel protected. The railing also prevents them from walking around the edge.
  • If the office is set up near a dock area, you will need to face problems of severe weather, rainy or stormy days. The floor can become slippery enough to make somebody lose his balance. During this kind of extreme situation, the safety handrail systems can provide important support.
  • In case the workers need to carry a heavy load from time to time, the safety handrail can make their job much easier.

So, keep in mind these tips and install the safety handrail systems in your workplace without any delay.



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For a project he is working on, my uncle has been planning to put handrails. It's good that you said that stainless steel handrails not only have a nice aesthetic but also are highly durable. Going with this would ensure that it will last for a long time, in my opinion. I'll undoubtedly look into companies that can assist him in getting a stainless steel handrail.

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