What Is Linkedin Inmail & How Can It Help You?

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Linkedin Inmail

Do you know how important LinkedIn Mail is for you? First, you need to have a subscription to LinkedIn Premium so that you can have access to the tool. I will be explaining to you the tool and its features concerning the effectiveness of the application.

Further, there is a difference in how an individual can use LinkedIn while a salesperson uses it. Hence, I will also discuss other aspects that will go a long way in understanding the profile of the user and the impact it has on their prospects.

When you have a membership on LinkedIn, your education and professional qualifications are highlighted, along with an emphasis on skills. Further, the social networking site also enhances and encourages connections across all relationships online.

What Is LinkedIn InMail & How Can It Help You?

What Is LinkedIn InMail_

Before I tell you about LinkedIn InMail, learn first that you need to know about the premium subscription plans and their features to develop an understanding effectively.

Learning the right ways to use the tool to encourage your preexisting relationships further is important. It also helps explore new connections where you can approach, communicate and network effectively.

The connections among people in the professional sphere are further enhanced if you can access this tool. So, what is InMail on LinkedIn? I will evaluate this feature from the basic aspects of advanced searches and profile views.

What Is LinkedIn and How It works?

What Is LinkedIn and How It works_

LinkedIn is a social networking site mainly for developing business relationships and exploring professional networking. The place was founded in May 2003, LinkedIn, which has website access from desktops and laptops and a mobile application.

The application’s founders are Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, and Konstantin Guericke, while the site’s parent organization is Microsoft Corporation. The company’s headquarters has been established in Sunnyvale, California, United States.

It is a perfect solution for employment opportunities, advertising options, integrating sales, and acquiring membership subscriptions. The site amplifies business toward the diverse requirements of companies and individuals.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium

The premium services of LinkedIn require you to pay 59.99 dollars per month. It has many additional tools you cannot access in the free version of LinkedIn.

When signing up on LinkedIn, the basic membership is free, but if you want to use the application for more than just getting in touch with previous employees and colleagues, you have to pay money. The network members who are present in your content on LinkedIn are called ‘connections.’

However, it is different compared to other networking sites. It is because it is specifically focused on business interactions and the productivity of an individual towards their career and professional portfolio. The premium features not only help an individual but also a business.

It is also important to discuss that your LinkedIn profile is successful in developing networking, understanding, and applying employment opportunities to good use. As a recruiter, it is a perfect place to look for experienced and well-deserving candidates.

Features In LinkedIn Premium

Features In LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium’s features help create awareness regarding the networking needs of an individual or a business account. It is important to understand the effectiveness of the tools for business owners, recruiters, and sales navigators.

On the other hand, job seekers can only effectively implement the opportunities that the tools integrate if they can access the options due to the knowledge gap. The following features overall are effective for most LinkedIn users.

  • InMail

InMail LinkedIn is a significant tool because it helps you send messages to people not on your connection list. It will help you because you can develop professional connections. It will also ensure that the business part of your profession is efficient enough.

  • Access More Profiles

You can access more profiles, which is more efficient if you are a recruiter. This feature helps understand the job seeker’s requirements or the account type you are evaluating.

  • Search Filters

As a premium customer, you can access the seniority of the job responsibility, group experience, and overall interests of the profiles you are checking.

What Is LinkedIn InMail?

The question is, what is LinkedIn InMail? LinkedIn InMail is a feature in Premium LinkedIn. Hence, you need to pay the subscription price to access the tool. It is a feature where you can directly send a private message to LinkedIn users who are not in your contacts.

You might not have the person in your connection on LinkedIn, so you can directly send the message to your 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree link or contact on LinkedIn. The tool can create an opportunity and productivity with regards.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networks, which allows you to communicate with recruiters or business owners directly. The tool is also efficient, especially with the target market being the focus of increasing professional networking.

With a premium subscription, you can send 800 free InMails monthly if you are a recruiter. At the same time, the lite version of this subscription will get you 100 free InMails. For sales navigators, it is 120 InMails for LinkedIn premium. There are also auto-response options present for them.

LinkedIn Premium is also effective for business owners as they send InMails to people outside their connection list. They can navigate premium accounts based on their accessibility received from InMail tools.

How Can The InMail Help You?

How Can The InMail Help You_

Well, do you know, LinkedIn InMail best practices? As a job seeker, InMail is not completely accessible as it is limited to certain numbers of direct messages that you can send.

LinkedIn Premium has many significant features, including InMail. The LinkedIn subscription is only that significant for users if you have recruiting or sales navigator services.

The credits of the InMail are renewed at a certain period, mostly after 90 or 120 days. So, users can easily send messages to others who are not on their connection list. You can also access InMail regarding additional paid aspects to upgrade the plan.

What all you know!

Based on my personal experience, InMail in LinkedIn Premium is one of the best tools, especially if you are a recruiter or sales navigator.

You will benefit from the service even as a business owner because it will help you get more followers. It will also help you get more exposure to your business.

For job seekers, the features only do a little considering even in free service. They can use the tools that will enhance their professional and educational qualifications. Comment below on why InMail should not be a premium tool.

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