Lizzo Charged For Sexual Harassment, Abuse & Bodyshaming By Dancers! Here’s The Deet!

News by  Rishab Dey 02 August 2023

Lizzo Charged Against The Former Dancers

Singer Lizzo has been accused of creating a hostile working environment through sexual, religious, and racial harassment in multiple incidents between 2021 and 2023, as per the lawsuit filed this Tuesday.

Lizzo is a well-known advocate for body positivity. She has expressed sentiments that people of all races and gender could relate to. However, the recent news of abuse and harassment has shaken her fan base. Apparently, this American singer has harassed multiple dancers on grounds of weight gain.

According to The Guardian, “the suit alleges that Lizzo’s dance captain, Shirlene Quigley, pushed her Christian beliefs upon other performers and denigrated those who had premarital sex, while also simulating oral sex, sharing lewd sexual fantasies and discussing one performer’s virginity.”

The lawsuit doesn’t answer whether dancers such as Arianna Davis, Noelle Rodriguez, and Crystal Williams believe that she was aware of the complaints made against Quigley.

“The stunning nature of how Lizzo and her management team treated their performers seems to go against everything Lizzo stands for publicly, while privately she weight-shames her dancers and demeans them in ways that are not only illegal but absolutely demoralizing,” states Ron Zambrano, the lawyer of the dancers.

Lizzo allegedly pressured Davis to touch the breasts of a performer, and then it began into a guarding when she refused.

The day prior, Lizzo told the dancers they would have to audition again, leading to an “excruciating” 12-hour rehearsal in which Davis soiled her pants because she was too fearful of losing her job to use the bathroom.

It is now only a matter of time till we find out what happens next in this case. Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming updates!

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