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I tried but couldn’t remember the hottest days of summer without an air conditioning system to help out. Summer heat can be harsh to the point where it is not even safe to go out. Staying inside with windows shields pulled down is one way to combat the warmth, but more often than not you need something stronger, and that is a proper AC system. Just as any appliance in your home, AC also needs to be shown some love in order to have it up and running when the need is dire. Regular maintenance is enough to keep those crazy heat waves at bay. Here are some useful tips on how to best take care of your AC, provided by guys at

Keep It Clean

Alpha and omega of every maintenance are keeping your machine clean. You can do this by cleaning or changing the air filters. The more frequent you do this the better your AC will operate, but 1 yearly thorough cleaning or a replacement is generally sufficient, depending on the frequency of use. If you are not really sure how to do this, it is best to contact a professional to help you out. You should also check coils both on the inside and the outside unit to make sure the airflow has no obstacles which might cause the AC to not work optimally, overheat and spend more energy than needed. The most important thing is to enable air to flow freely and sometimes you also need to check if coil fins are standing straight. If they are bent, they can easily block the air and prevent the AC from functioning properly.

Remove Debris

Your outside unit can be a victim to many different elements, especially if it’s on the ground. Things like dirt, debris, leaves, critters, insects can all negatively affect the work output. This problem is easily overlooked but can cause a lot of trouble. What you need to do is shut down the AC and then use a garden hose to expel the unwanted elements but with care because you don’t want to damage your fins with a strong water jet.Check The Thermostat

Sometimes the problem lies solely in your thermostat which might not show the correct temperature, show incorrect values, or not even work at all. It would be wise to upgrade to a modern, digital thermostat which offers a lot more convenience than your old, mechanical one. You can manipulate the temperature via an app even if you are not at home. You can also easily set up timers, which would enable you to turn on your AC exactly when you need it which circumvents the need to keep it on when you are not at home and consequently spend less energy.

Check The Inside Of The Unit

If you feel competent enough you can open the unit and check the inside for potential or ongoing breakdowns. Check wires to see if any of them are still in good condition. Melted or burned wires are a sign of overheating. Electrical connections might also get loose and you should also check those out. Contactor switch is yet another thing you need to look at and replace it if it’s broken. If you are not too familiar with all of the above, the next step you need to take is to contact a professional to have a look.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your AC to give 120% every time you need it, regular maintenance is key. Schedule a professional inspection to know exactly if there are problems, how to fix them and what the best price for spare parts would be. People who do this professionally are all well informed and experienced. They save your time, money and energy by being able to pinpoint issues much faster or even spot something you missed.

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