Seven Most Popular Humanities Majors To Look For In 2021

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Humanities Majors

After high school ends, every student has to deal with the anxiety of college admission. While choosing a college and clearing the entrance test is difficult, the decision to select your major is an entirely different story. The range of other areas of interest and career options often overwhelms the students. As a result, they get confused and make bad choices. To help you in this regard, we have made a list of some popular majors in humanities.

Here are the seven Most Popular Humanities Majors:

1. Archaeology


Archaeologists work as the connecting gates between current and past civilizations. It is a popular field that offers a lot of exposure to the world. It is one of those majors that have importance globally. It deals with the understanding of history through remains left behind by past civilizations. It is similar to paleontology but differs in that it only deals with studying the human past rather than animals or extinct species. If you are curious about how our ancestors used to live and work, this major might be the right one for you.

2. Public Relations

Public relations is yet another famous major of arts and humanities. Though it had always been on the top, its demand is increasing even more. This subject covers communication, ethics, marketing, community building strategies, and many more crucial aspects. Public relations is the backbone of any company. With a degree in this area, you can work with companies and serve them to build their business. And if you don’t want a job, you can use PR tactics to develop and run your business.

3. Liberal Studies

A major in liberal studies prepares the students to examine the complexities of this world. The students who pursue this subject are some of the best critical thinkers, observers, and writers. This field is an all in one package to social sciences, literature, arts, and even philosophy. It is benefitting option for people who are curious but confused about their career choices. A degree in this field opens several career pathways. You can also say that this subject prepares the students to face the professional world. One can either do a bachelor’s from college or get an online liberal studies degree. Either way, this subject will prove as a smart choice in the long run. If you want to pursue a career that requires strategic thinking, then this subject will benefit you in all possible ways.

4. Psychology


Psychology is the bridge that connects medicine with humanities. It is one of the most popular degrees of all time. Because we live in a world where every other person is dealing with mental health issues, we continuously need psychologists. A degree in this field allows you to understand human behavior and its complexities. A psychologist can see through a person and analyze what he or she has been going through. To work in this field, you will require a degree of bachelor’s and master’s. If you are curious about human life and want to help others, consider this subject as your career choice.

5. International Relations

International relations or commonly called IR is one of the most popular majors in humanities. Students from all corners of the world enjoy high demand in this field. One can also say that it is an evergreen degree bearing many career options. It enables you to understand the global issues and ways to communicate between different parts of the world. An international relations student knows how to analyze and adequately present essential matters. After graduation in this subject, there are many job options like a civil servant, policymaking, and intelligence.

6. Gender Studies

This major combines both social sciences and humanities. It makes the students ready to face the world and challenge it. Recently, this subject has gained a lot of attention. We observed an inevitable shift in this field due to the awareness of women’s and children’s rights and values. But, it is not only limited to these topics. It covers all the life aspects of different genders. From understanding the history of gender inequality to observing the rights of the LGBTQ community, gender studies cover everything. Not only that, but an undergraduate degree in this subject will open gates to several career options. For example, law, public health, public policy, and more.

7. Creative Writing

Contrary to what people believe, creative writing is a fantastic subject with a lot of career options. Yes, it isn’t everyone’s first choice, but those who select this only say good things about it. When online marketing is changing the business world, there is a high demand for creative writers. A major in this field will enable you to connect with the reader on a personal level. With a degree in creative writing, you can pursue jobs in media, communication, marketing, and many other fields.

Final Words

Additionally, law and legal students is also one major area that is benefitting deeply from the Humanities subject. With lawyers more in demand than ever in history, institutions like the Trial Lawyers College are helping students get first-hand legal experience and join some of the best law firms in the world. Law is a great and exciting career option that can result in excellent financial remuneration.

Humanities is a vast field. It covers many areas from arts to psychology. When you are in the process of choosing your major, these options can confuse you a lot. The above-explained subjects will help you decide what you like as your career option. But while this list contains some of the best majors, don’t rush this decision. Do research, see what you like, and select it as your major when a subject grabs your attention.

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