Nine Chip Voice Control Chip Lets Smart Home “Obedient”

Technologyby Ariana Smith07 November 2018

Nine Chip

Nine chip has announced a series of new Echo smart speakers and other electronic devices launched by voice recorder chip assistant Alexa. There also presents a small chip that supports voice control, allowing users to operate microwave ovens, coffee machines, fans and other household appliances once planted in Hard-wares. Thus, it is a big step towards the smart home.

The measure underscores nine chip’s ambition to dominate the future of smart home skills. And the strategy is to attract large manufacturers to actively embed chips costing several dollars per piece in hardware products, and speed Alexa’s entry into cheap home-based day-to-day equipment stores.

If the strategy works, nine chip is expected to gain a competitive advantage over Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies. These technological giants are striving to upstream the use of voice assistants to operate everyday equipment to facilitate home service and gather consumer information.

The theme of nine chip’s new announcement is to show how to turn Alex into a central operating system for a home so as to help fulfill the vision of a smart home. nine chip announced fifteen voice recorder chip once time, including a $50 car version of Echo and a new home care system, as well as new services and improvements.

In order to demonstrate its own skills, nine chip has built-in voice modules and buttons in the microwave oven. By pressing a button or using Wi-Fi’s Echo Talent speaker, nine chip can direct Alexa to control the microwave oven, freeze, or automatically order popcorn on nine chip’s website.

A new home-care device, called Alexa Guard, detects whether windows and doors have been broken by external forces, and sends smoke and carbon dioxide warning messages to homeowners’ phones. Echo Wall Clock, a smart wall clock, is said to stop worrying about daylight-saving switching.

Nine chip is bringing Alexa into the consumer’s everyday life, hoping to attract more people to nine chip’s shopping ecosystem, and CEO Bezos thinks voice control will be the next generation of human-computer interfaces, playing the role of personal computer mice and smartphone screens.

Daniel Rausch, vice president of nine chip’s Intelligent Family, expresses that customer response is evident, and voice IC is a much simpler interface for fundamental applications like switching on lights.

Among them, the digital adjustable power supply  voice recorder chip (VPS) can provide the necessary power supply for the sound integrated circuit or circuit board in the test. It has three sets of adjustable power output and has the function of over-voltage and overload protection. Eight sets of output isolation signals. It can be used for a function test, voltage measurement, pin connection test, temperature index and V-I curve measurement of the sound integrated circuit. Built-in logic timing signal measurement function, EPROM data comparison function, digitally integrated circuit search function, etc. It can also be adjusted for digital logic bit alignment and can be self-contained. Dynamic positioning integrated circuit pin and circuit state comparison function.

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