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Auto transport

Looking to move or ship your vehicle but aren’t sure what to do?

It’s understandable since car shipments overseas or across a lot of states can be stressful. On top of that, you might already be dealing with the stress of relocation along with other stuff that you need to carry.

Research what the transportation costs are when you go from one specific area to another. Other things that are worthy of consideration are the following:

1. Know the Pricing of the Shipping Company

Not all people are keen to drive long miles when they decide to move to another town. For one, it might be a hassle when vacationing is part of the plan. Another is that they might be buying or selling a car that needs to go from Nevada to Ohio so it’s definitely a very long drive that many can’t do. Fortunately, using shipping services is more affordable than ever today. 

Lodging expenses, gas, maintenance, and the time it takes to go to another state should all be considered additional expenses when you decide to drive on your own. With the right transport and a smaller vehicle, you’ll likely be spending less. 

Fragility and handling are all taken into account and luxury sports vehicles require special care. Vintage ones may cost more than the standard types but you can get an enclosed carrier auto transport when you want to get a more secure option. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types are the following:

Open Air Type

Want a more budget-friendly and speedier service? Then the open-air shipment might be a great deal for you. Its capacity is equal to ten vehicles and they weigh less. However, know that it will expose your car to hail, rain, UV rays, and snow. Road debris can cover the exterior and you might need to wash it up afterward. When choosing this kind of transport, ensure that you get the upper deck of a multi-tiered carrier so you can avoid any leakage and road debris.

Enclosed Ones

Several benefits can be gathered in enclosed shipping and these are added safety and security. They are great for a high-end brand and you can rest assured that a white glove treatment is applied to your trucks and sedans.

You get regular updates, the best insurance, a single-car trailer, and communication about the whereabouts of your shipment. However, the downside is that you will have to spend more because you’ll cover the costs of the fuel alone as opposed to sharing it with others.

Another consideration of the price is the shipping method. For door-to-door deliveries, it would definitely be pricier than when you have to go to the terminal and find your car. The distance will also be a primary factor and you have to look out for the schedules and routes of the carrier. See more about selecting the right transport provider on this site.

2. Check Reviews and Reputation of the Company

Check Reputation of the Company

It’s very important to make a deal with a shipping service that you trust. Look for their reviews on certain websites and find out how they respond to negative feedback. One of the best starting points is through reading their feedback on Better Business Bureau. 

Ratings from the website will help you determine how long the business has been running, if there were complaints about car handling filed against them, the overall satisfaction of precious customers, and more. Yelp and Google will also help you look for a provider that has an excellent reputation so do your due diligence before entrusting your hard-earned money and precious vehicles to someone else.

3. Know about your Insurance Coverage

Getting protected when hiring an auto shipping provider is very essential. Some would think that their personal insurance is more than enough to cover their needs but they might be surprised by the number of exclusions clauses on some policies especially if a third-party company is handling the transport.

Check with your insurers first and to be on the safe side, get full coverage that can reimburse any damage to the car after it arrives at the port. 

Don’t end up paying more than what you have to and read more about the storage, delivery, pick-up, and fuel surcharge fees which you can see more about at this link:

Never transact with those providers that take advantage of their customers whenever they can. Deal with a firm that’s transparent with their charges and you shouldn’t be billed with hidden fees.

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