How To Achieve A High Score In The Pi Cognitive Assessment

Education by  Sharmita Shee 23 December 2021

Pi Cognitive Assessment

The Predictive index (Pi) Cognitive Assessment is a test that lasts for the duration of 12 minutes, through which the cognitive ability of a candidate is determined. Other factors such as the motivation of the candidate, and their attitude to work can also be deduced from this assessment. A candidate that scores very high in this test will be considered more suitable for the role, compared to lower-scoring candidates.

3 Tips To Achieve A High Score In The Pi Cognitive Assessment

If you are likely to take a Pi Cognitive Assessment to secure your next job, you are definitely looking to score high. After knowing what your potential employer considers a high score, having the right tips to achieve a high score in the test is essential. Here are those tips:

1. Use Practice Tests To Advantage

If anyone told you that practice tests were out of style, they were lying. Taking these practice tests is almost a must, if you are looking to score high in the Pi cognitive assessment test. Since it mirrors what the test would look like, taking these tests is a strong move in the process of preparation. Just like the actual Pi Cognitive Assessment, practice tests consist of 50 questions which last for 12 minutes. Practice tests will give you first-hand information on the test, especially everything you need to know about its 9 question types.

It is recommended that you take at least one practice test prior to any studying or preparation; your first test can be a shortened version of the full test, so it doesn’t scare you off. While taking this test without any preparation can be quite overwhelming, this would give you an idea as to how to prepare. Following this, you can go ahead to do some preparation before coming back to do some more practice tests (full-length this time). Each time you do a practice test, practice with a goal in mind. For instance, speed could be a goal during one test, and accuracy a goal during another.

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2. For A Great Result, Take The Test In Your Native Language

This is an assessment that has been translated into over 50 languages. So, if you are lucky enough to have your native language in one of these languages, it will be added advantage for you to take the test in that language. This way, you would not have issues with comprehension (which may be slower if you choose to take the test in a second language). Using this tip may even help your speed.

3. Keep Speed In Mind

Speed is a concept that anyone looking to score high on this test cannot keep out of sight. Just like several other popular cognitive tests, speed is very important here. Processing complex information within a short period is a skill most employers (that dish out cognitive tests to their job candidates) are looking for.

Again, this is a test that requires you to answer 50 questions within the space of 12 minutes. While you are not required to answer every single question, the more questions you answer, the higher your chances of achieving a high score (which is the point of this entire article). If you are looking to answer as many questions as possible, then you need to see as many questions as you can.

It will be horrible to run out of time when you have only attempted the first 25 questions, when the next 25 questions would have been easier for you to solve.


While the thought of taking the Pi Test may be daunting, if you apply these tips, you will end up on the side of immense success.

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