How to Plan Your Own Tax-Deferred Pension Plan

Finance by  Ariana Smith 18 December 2018

Tax-Deferred Pension Plan

What is a tax-deferred pension plan? Yes, it is a recognized pension plan. However, it is different from the others. It works in such a way that a retirement savings account is created. This plan is unique, such that you are allowed to defer payment of taxes in this account. That means that you only get taxed the moment you make a withdrawal from this account or cash in the investment. The beauty of it is that you get to enjoy the benefit of making your investment or savings without being taxed. For you to be able to work with a tax-deferred retirement plan is dependent on whether your employer has provisions for it. It is also possible for the folks who are new to entrepreneurship, regardless of whether they run owner financed businesses or not, to create their tax-deferred pension plan and get their employees into the system.

How to create a tax-deferred pension plan:

To get started, follow the following easy steps

1. Reserve 15% of your income:

Well, it is not compulsory for you to get started with 15% of your income: as it all depends on your expenses. The catch, however, is that you will be able to score yourself a fantastic retirement by the time you get done. It is also important to note that you should decide on how much of your income you should be sending to your tax-deferred account for retirement depending on how much time you are left with before you retire. The earlier you get started, the better for you. If you have grand plans for your retirement, you might need to consider setting aside a higher percentage. There is no shame in setting achievable and realistic targets too!

2. Transfer your retirement savings to your tax-deferred pension account:

Note that there are different types of tax-deferred retirement accounts. It is up to you to assess which best meets your needs. You have the option of picking from IRA or other employer-sponsored accounts such as 401(k). You will be required to work with the Human Resource representative. You should be provided with paperwork in which you will fill spelling out that you would need a specific percentage of your income to go to the tax-deferred savings account. Remember that the money will not be taxed like the rest of your income is.

3. Work with a target date fund:

A target date fund is a provision for every tax-deferred account. Why is this emphasized? With a target date fund, the account will be able to give you the best pick of an investment: which also depends on the date that you will be retiring. Your account will be given a name depending on your retirement date.

4. Monitor your account:

Remember that it is a retirement account. You do not have to keep checking every other week. You should try and keep off a little. However, you are required to check in at least annually and see how your account is doing. Do not neglect it. You are allowed to make comparisons with the general market and see where your account lies. How is it doing? You will have a trustee for your account type, IRA or 401(k). Your trustee will be tasked with providing you with reports concerning performance: it should offer a summary of the performance of the account in comparison to the overall market. Why is it important to do this follow-up?  If your account is not doing well, you are allowed to switch and use a different one. Your account does not necessarily have to be doing poorly for you to make a few changes. For instance, it may be doing good, and you may be required to make changes like transferring your allocations to bonds as opposed to stock as time goes by.

5. Time to harvest:

Are there only a few years remaining before you retire? Well, that tells you that it is time for you to have a sitting with your advisor who will help you keep track of your savings and help you track your investments. If you have a solid plan yourself, you might not need the advisor.

Work with a tax-deferred pension plan and make the most of your retirement!

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