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Financeby Ariana Smith26 October 2018

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Have you ever thought about hiring a financial advisor?  Do you know about all the great things you can achieve from hiring one? A financial advisor is an expert capable of offering valuable financial advice to clients with little or no in-depth knowledge of financial management matters.

Having an expert financial advisor to handle your finances can go a long way in protecting your income from significant life events such as sudden illness, divorce, retirement, etc.

Before contacting a financial planner, you will want to consider several factors to make sure they perfectly fit your needs and preferences.

Here are some crucial things to consider before selecting a financial planner.

1. Consider the payment method:

Before you hire a financial expert, it’s always essential to inquire about their payment methods. Financial advisors can receive their payments in many different ways; through commissions, fixed fee, hourly charges, ad valorem (certain percentage on all assets invested), a percentage of taxed saved or a combination of two or more payment methods.

The critical point here is to choose a planner whose payment methods are convenient with your economic bracket. For starters who don’t have lots of assets or liquid cash; it’s highly recommended that you go for experts who charge on an hourly basis.

Typically, most hourly advisors are on their pilot phase of practice and will rely heavily on your recommendations to get more jobs and grow their business. For this reason, you have the benefit of getting the best advice out of them while moving towards your financial dream.

It’s also possible to get experienced advisers working on hourly payment basis just for the thrill of working with young clients who can only afford the payment method.

Finally, you should be wary of an exit fee. Consider working with financial experts who charge a considerable amount of exiting payment in case you exit their business plan.

To read more on financial planners payment methods follow the link below.

2. Check for qualification and experience:

You should check if the person you want to hire has the correct and legit documents, skills, and knowledge that can help you in attaining your economic dream.

A financial planner is only qualified to give financial advice if they meet the required training standards.

To get credible advice on your finances, you should consider looking for experts with a diploma certificate, advanced diploma certificate or degree qualification in relevant fields such as accounting, finance, financial planning or economics.

Also, ask about their work experience. This helps you in determining whether they have the expertise to tackle your financial problems or not.

A good financial advisor should have a minimum of three years of work experience to deliver top quality service.

This does not mean that newly graduated financial advisers are not highly qualified to handle your financial situation; however, an older financial expert even with few qualifications is more experienced than them when it comes to matters trending in the market.

You can also turn to click here to find yourself a good advisor.

This register is capable of telling you:

  • Whether the adviser is registered in any professional association concerning financial services.
  • Areas where the adviser can provide financial advice.
  • The adviser’s employment history, qualification, and experience.
  • Whether the adviser has been the subject of any disciplinary action, etc.

In case you find out that the adviser is operating without a license, do not cut a deal with them-they are working against the law, and you might have little or no protection if a thing goes wrong.

3. Consider the type of services offered:

services offered

People have different needs and wants. One person may seek financial assistance on divorce, and another may need financial counsel on retirement.

Factors such as the type of licenses, credentials, and area of expertise determine which services a financial expert offers. Generally, advisors are not in a position to sell securities products such as stocks, or insurances without having proper licenses.

Neither can they offer any investment advice if they are not registered with the federal authorities or state.

When searching for a financial planner, it’s critical to narrow down your search to only those experts that offer financial services relevant to your current needs.

4. Check for reviews and references:

Once you have finally narrowed down to one person that suits your needs, preference, and budget, its critical to have a look into what reviewers are saying.

You can read online reviews or even ask to be provided with a few referrals. They can always be able to tell you more about the services offered by the person you picked.

In case the reviews are positive, the last thing remaining is for you now to sign an agreement and start the walk towards your financial freedom.


Whatever your financial plans are, don’t wait for too long to bring a financial expert on board. I might not know about your financial dreams, but I have always dreamed of reaching my retirement age with a secured financial future for both my family and I. You can also do this now and lead a stress-free life.

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