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Financeby Ariana Smith19 October 2018

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Both in the UK and the US, fuel bills have been rising in recent years. With most of the ‘Big Six ‘energy companies in the UK upping prices and bills increasing across the board over the last three years in the States, things are shaping up to follow the pattern for winter 2018. Everyone is looking for means and ways of reducing their energy costs, especially during the cold winter seasons.

The Price-Rise Pattern:

In America, there has been a significant increase in the cost of fuel bills in recent years. The Division of Energy Resources in Massachusetts (MassDOER) projected a rise in household heating costs for last winter (2017/ 18) and last October, Americans were told to expect higher heating bills. These are very exorbitant prices, especially in these harsh economic situations.

Over in the UK, it was a similar story. Of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers – power, E. ON, Scottish Power, SSE, and EDF – five raised prices on standard variable tariffs before the winter months of 2017 arrived.

Last winter, we saw some of the coldest weather, with the ‘beast from the east’ striking Britain in February. Snow and ice caused chaos as the country ground to a halt. Meanwhile, in America, there was a barrage of storms that bombarded the East Coast in early March 2018. With these stormy, wintry conditions in mind, it looks like we are potentially in for similar weather patterns in 2018.

As energy bills rise and wintry weather becomes more extreme, is increasingly important to stay warm and safe in the coming season. Here are some ideas for conserving of energy so as to keep the utility bills in control.

Check Your Boiler:

The boiler is one of the highly used units in the home during the winter season. Before switching on your central heating, check your boiler is working properly and that your radiators are all giving the optimal heat output and do not require bleeding. Getting your boiler serviced is a good way to run checks before the temperature drops. Also, put your heating on a timer so that you can warm your home at times when the heat is most needed.

Keep Insulated:

While running your boiler check, it is worth checking your loft and wall insulation, too. Keeping up with any gaps in insulation around your property can ultimately help to avoid larger issues such as burst pipes in the long run. In addition, any gaps under doors and around windows can be easily addressed with draft excluders.  Insulation is key when dealing with the energy bills during the winter season.

Track Your Bills:

Keeping track of utility bills can involve a lot of work, especially when you are trying to budget against rising fuel costs. There are financial products that are available to help, however, such as banking with Think Money. By opting for a product like this, you can be sure that your winter fuel bills are covered before you spend on anything else.

Are you ready for winter? What steps are you taking to keep warm as fuel bills go up?

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