Preparing Your Chicago Home For Fall: A Comprehensive Checklist

Home Improvementby Barsha Bhattacharya23 September 2023

Preparing Your Chicago Home For Fall

As the leaves begin their picturesque transformation, a calm whisper in the wind tells Chicagoans that fall is fast approaching. For those 2.7 million residents of the Windy City – a city renowned for its brutal winters – it’s crucial to prepare their homes for the season’s changes. This ensures comfort, helps prevent costly repairs, and enhances resale value.

1. Garden And Exterior Maintenance

1. Garden And Exterior Maintenance

  • Prepare your Garden: As suggested by Forbes, it’s crucial to prepare your garden for the plummeting temperatures. Store or cover your outdoor furniture and secure it to prevent potential damage from gusty Chicago winds. Address overgrown trees that might pose a threat in extreme weather.
  • Tackle DIY Exterior Repairs: Before winter hits, attend to your to-do list. Repair broken gates and fences, and address cracked render or paving stones. As cold and moisture can exacerbate minor problems, acting now can save you from more significant issues later.

2. Roof And Gutter Maintenance

  • Inspect your Roof: A simple visual check can help spot missing shingles or other issues. In line with HomeLight’s recommendations, 55% of real estate agents advocate for shingle replacement and other roof repairs to enhance home resale value.
  • Clean your Gutters: Clogged gutters can be a homeowner’s nightmare, leading to leaks or water damage. Forbes underscores the importance of this step, and it’s backed by 42% of agents from HomeLight recommending a thorough gutter cleaning.

3. Energy Efficiency And Safety Measures

  • Eliminate Draughts: Seal off any drafts around windows and doors. Forbes, referencing the Energy Saving Trust, notes that draught-proofing can save you around £35 (or roughly $48 USD) annually.
  • Service your Boiler: Ensure it’s working efficiently to keep you warm through Chicago’s colder months. A timely check by a Gas Safe registered engineer can prevent winter breakdowns.
  • Insulate your Pipes and Hot Water Tanks: Proper insulation can lead to significant savings. According to the Energy Saving Trust, insulating your hot water tank with an 80mm thick cylinder jacket can cut approximately $111 USD off your yearly energy expenses.

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

  • Repair Damaged Wood: Addressing wood damage on siding, porches, or window casings is essential. 58% of agents from HomeLight stress its importance for resale value.
  • Power Wash Siding: Nearly half (48%) of HomeLight agents recommend this to remove mildew and dirt, giving your home a fresh appearance.
  • Upgrade Windows: With 38% of agents stressing the need to replace old windows, it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also about energy efficiency and keeping those cold drafts out.

5. Protect Your Investment

While it’s crucial to physically winter-proof our homes, protecting them financially is equally essential. Ensure your home building insurance covers accidental fire, flooding, and storm damage. The goal is to have coverage that would cater to rebuilding the property from the foundations up, as Forbes advises.

Preparing your home for Chicago’s fall isn’t just a routine task; it’s an investment in your property’s longevity, comfort, and value. Interestingly, for those looking at the real estate market this season, there are ‘we buy house companies in Chicago‘ offering a ‘buy before you sell program.’ This might be an avenue to explore, especially if you’ve diligently maintained and prepared your home.

As the city’s population, accounting for 21.73% of Illinois readies itself for the season, your home, too, should be on that list. Embrace the autumnal change with preparedness and peace of mind.

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