10 Productive Things to Do While Waiting

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Despite how busy people’s lives claim to be, they all have some form of downtime.

Downtime is there while you wait for a package to arrive at your front door, in line at a grocery store, or in the lobby of your doctor’s office. When you have some extra time on your hands, which can range from a few minutes to several hours, you may wish to be more productive rather than kill time.

If you’re waiting for something and have nothing better to do, this guide is for you.

Here are some ideas you can explore when you have spare time that you do not want to waste:

1. Clean Your House

1. Clean Your House

This doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning your windows, attic, basement, and other parts of your room all in one go. Start with something simple by throwing out old and useless paperwork.

If you have opened letters, envelopes, files, or other unimportant documents on your desk, this is likely because you don’t have the time to tackle the whole cleaning process. While you’re waiting, start this task in 5- to 20-minute chunks. This will keep your desk clean and organized.

You can also take this opportunity to declutter your closet. Categorize your clothing. Then, take a page from Marie Kondo and get rid of stuff that no longer sparks joy.

2. Reach Out to an Old Friend


If you haven’t been in touch with your friends because you were busy, now is the time to reach out. Send an e-mail or a quick text to an important person in your life but with whom you’ve not communicated in a while (besides liking their posts on social media).

Getting in touch with the people that matter will make both of you feel better. This simple activity will serve you well, as everyone needs friends in their lives.

3. Plan Your Meals or Draft Your Grocery List

3. Plan Your Meals or Draft Your Grocery List

There’s no better way to feel like you are making the most of your time than creating your grocery shopping list or planning your meal for the succeeding week. You won’t have to rush doing this task before Saturday morning (or whatever day you do your shopping).

4. Practice Your People Skills

If you are waiting in a physical line with other people, consider this as an excellent opportunity to refine your people skills. Choose someone from the line and begin a conversation. You may find that some people will be happy to have something to do during their downtime. If small talk isn’t your cup of tea, waiting in line is a good opportunity for you to break out of your comfort zone.

5. Catch up on Current Events

5. Catch up on Current Events

Although the news is typically nothing but depressing or sad stories, you should at least be aware of what’s happening around you to have topics of conversation with your friends, family, or co-workers. While you’re waiting, catch up on current events or read news stories on the web.

6. Brainstorm Creative Ideas

Sometimes, you just need a couple of minutes to think. This is especially true for people who daydream while they are working and frequently lose focus. The next time you are in a line, grab a paper and pen (or use the Notes app on your mobile phone) and begin jotting down creative ideas that come to mind. You can then reference these ideas at a later date.

7. Pay Your Bills

7. Pay Your Bills

If you’re sitting around the house waiting for that package to arrive, use this waiting time to settle your dues. Consider this as an opportunity to pay your bills earlier than usual. Pay off your credit card, auto insurance, utilities, and other bills.

8. Delete Photos on Your Mobile Phone

If you like taking selfies and other photos, you may find hundreds or even thousands of photos eating up space on your smartphone. Instead of letting these images just sit there, use Google Photos or back them up to your computer. Then, free up space on your phone by deleting these photos. This way, your mobile device will help more space to capture more images.

9. Get Your Notes in Order

If you’re waiting for your next company meeting to start, take this time to review the notes or documents sent out beforehand. This way, you can provide your input or raise important questions during the meeting. Also, you’ll avoid that awkward scramble for notes.

10. Be Grateful

10. Be Grateful

To bestow your own heartiest gratitude, create a thank-you or gratitude list first. Then, note down as many things or individuals you’re thankful for. This list will teach you just how much you already have – and your life is great without that thing you are waiting for.

Waiting and queues will be a thing for as long as you live. Use your downtime well by trying out these tips.

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