How to Promote Direct Debit as a Payment Option to Clients

Financeby Ariana Smith24 February 2017

Promote Direct Debit

Opting to get paid directly via a customer’s bank account is a great choice. It enables you to run your business a more organized and timely fashion. This, in turn, reduces the costs as well as obstacles that you typically have to deal with. If you have chosen this payment method, you may find yourself needing to convince your clients that it is the best option for them as well. Here are some helpful hints to help you get started:

Target Your Customers

There are some clients that may be more susceptible to your reasoning. These are the individuals that can most benefit from this direct debit payments. Your first step is to identify who these customers are. It could help to look at your records and determine which clients tend to have frequent late payments. As a result, they may face late fees or other charges. Individuals such as this will be more interested to hear you out as they have something to gain as a result. Clients who are typically quite busy and work according to tight deadlines may also be able to appreciate this option that you are offering to them. This gives you a good base to start with.

List out the Advantages

The truth is that such a payment system has benefits for all of your customers. They just may not realize it yet. This is why it is a good idea to list out all of the ways that they can profit from utilizing it. Instead of just calling up your customers, send them an interesting e-mail that outlines precisely what they can gain from it. Do not skimp on the details and clearly outline each and every point. This will create interest in what you are trying to offer.

Provide Incentives

The best way to get customers to follow your lead is to offer them something in return. Informing them what they gain from this payment system is a good starting point. However, you may find that you need something a little more. This means providing them a reward for signing up for the system. Now, it does not have to be large or considerable. Small discounts or similarly alluring tactics will work just fine. You can even partner up with another business and offer vouchers or prizes. Once you have greased the wheel, your customers will soon realize the perks behind the system and stick with it.

Make Sign Up Easy

For the last step, you are going to need to make sure that the sign up process is as simple and as hassle-free as possible. If you have set up certain registration proceedings, it is a good idea to work out all of the kinks first. Make sure that there is no lagging, bugs, or any other types of errors. Making this as smooth as possible will make it more attractive to your clients. Therefore, it is important for you to not rush this part unnecessarily.
It may take a little time for you to change the minds of your clients. After a while, however, the ease of the system will speak for itself, making it more efficient for both you as well as your customers.

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