Do Quality Cars Have an Impact on Night Time Driving Safety?

Automotiveby Ariana Smith29 January 2019

Quality Cars

The better the car, the more safety capabilities it will have. Today, such vehicles are becoming easier and easier to come by. Well-known companies such as AA use car finance practices to ensure everyone gets on the road safely and in good time. Now, quality cars are available for all.
Of course, a car is only true of good quality when a sensible and respectful driver is at the wheel. After all, when night falls behind the wheel of a great car, many people decide to be reckless on the roads and become a hazard. It’s unfortunate, and completely unnecessary at that too.
Therefore, it’s worth asking the question; how do quality cars have an impact on time driving?

Dim the Lights:

When it comes to driving at night time, the first thought that enters most driver’s minds is “let’s get the lights on!”. Of course, this isn’t always so simple. If the headlights are too bright, then you risk blinding drivers and passengers in oncoming vehicles. Too dim, and you risk impeding your own visibility, while not being seen by other drivers at all. In the end, a sweet spot needs to be found here.

Quality cars will always give you a sense of flexible control over the lighting systems. Whether they’re your headlights or on the dashboard, being able to dim and/or brighten these lights when necessary is a good sign of a quality car for night time driving. There should always be some wiggle room, so check around your car’s buttons, nobs and nozzles to capture that perfect lighting.

Reclining Seats:

It’s illegal to drive when you’re tired and exhausted. To do so means that you present yourself as a danger on the road and are more at risk of causing accidents. You could fall asleep at the wheel, or simply not be driving at peak concentration and awareness levels. If you’re tired while on the drive, pull over and get some rest. Your safety and that of other road users are more important than wherever you’re going!

Of course, drivers of a good quality car may be more inclined to pull over and rest if their car features reclining seats. The very best of them will lean all the way back, repurposed into more of a bed than a car seat. A reclining seat will make those dreary night-time drives safer, simply because you can pull over and get off to sleep quickly.

Satnav Systems:

Most people have been there; driving along a dark, deserted country lane in the dead of night lost and confused. Whether people are going on holidays in uncharted territory or are simply enjoying a leisurely nighttime drive for exploration purposes, panic can set in here. This is especially true if the driver is in a remote area, and perhaps has no way to contact any help.

These days, quality cars can accommodate satnav with no fuss at all. Often, they’re built into the very best vehicles and ensure that drivers always feel anchored to some clear navigational mapping. Sometimes, feeling safe can just come down to feeling content with the current driving, and satnavs certainly offer that sensation.

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