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If you’re curious about what is going on around the world, staying up to date by reading reputable news sources is the best way that you can learn about current events, weather events, celebrity news, sporting news, travel news, and political information!

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One of the latest important news coming from the massive country of India is about the landslide that has caused problems with transportation and damage to the nearby surroundings.

The Niwane Bari Ghat landslide has caused disruptions in daily traffic, insecurities in nearby housing structures, and disruptions in daily life. Let’s see a few more details about the Niwane Bari Ghat landslide and why you should read Times of Nashik to stay up to date on the breaking stories.

Read more about the Niwane Bari Ghat landslide on Times of Nashik

Read more about the Niwane Bari Ghat landslide on Times of Nashik

Learn more about the local and relevant Indian news by reading the Times of Nashik. This website is dedicated to “revealing the truth” and can help you find out about current events in India that can influence people’s daily lives and citizens around the world!

The Niwane Bari Ghat landslide that occurred in the Kharde area disrupted public transportation, nearby residents, and local roads. Although the current minister, A.T. Pawar, tried to help with the quick renovation efforts, the Niwane Bari Ghat landslide caused disruptions in local trade and daily work schedules.

Citizens of the nearby regions, such as Kalvan and Deola taluka reigns, have been using this “pass” to connect areas for the past 20 years – and frequently travel back and forth on this road to help with the effectiveness of delivering goods and providing services.

The good news about the Niwane Bari Ghat landslide is there were no reported injuries or deaths during the landslide.

Even though it disrupted public transportation, no people were injured in the minor landslide that caused a daily hassle in the lives of vehicle owners, nearby farmers, and local business owners. Unfortunately for the nearby workers, they had to detour and could not use this route due to the instability of the roads and the safety concerns about the landslide.

However, locals from the nearby Deola taluka regions needed to continue using this pass to reach the Kalvan region. Since farmers from the town use this route to transport food, goods, and spices between the towns, they were stuck on what to do once the landslide occurred.

One of the first steps of action that citizens did when the landslide occurred was to have the administration immediately remove the blockage from the road so that local traffic could resume as quickly as possible.


Staying up to date on the latest news in Indian sites means that citizens of other countries can learn about cultures in other parts of the world. Furthermore, Indian citizens can read Times of Nashik to stay current on the latest breaking news regarding road closures, public transportation issues, and the most recent Niwane Bari Ghat landslide.

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