Top 5 Reasons Why People Leave Their Homeland and Live in the Caribbean

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Moving to another house is a stressful task, which can make relocating to an entirely new country even more daunting. It is also perhaps a difficult decision to make, especially if there are people you’ve known all your life who will be left behind.

Despite this, there are people who still choose to leave.

Given that no two individuals are exactly the same, the reason behind this decision also varies widely. Some seek out new opportunities and a better life while others aim to escape an awful memory, but there is also often a common goal for moving to a new country, and that is to seek a fresh start.

You see, relocating overseas can change your life dramatically, and most of the time, it’s for the better. From new opportunities to trying a different lifestyle, to making a career change, living in the Caribbean can redirect your life toward a better, brighter future.

But why the Caribbean? This article tackles the top five reasons why people leave their homelands and choose to reside in this famous tourist destination.

1. Dual Citizenship

When people migrate, it’s often a done deal. They permanently leave the country they were born in, and, often, there’s no turning back.

But in the Caribbean, you have the choice to seek second citizenship rather than a new one. Thanks to Caribbean citizenship by investment programs offered in many of its island nations, you can choose to become a dual citizen.

At this point, you might be asking: Why should I consider getting two citizenships?

Below are some benefits you can look forward to as a dual citizen:


When you have two citizenships, you have the versatility and freedom to live and work in two countries simultaneously. You also enjoy certain benefits and privileges for each country you are legitimately a resident of.

For example, since you’re a legal resident of both countries, you have access to two social service programs. You may also vote in both countries or even run for office in either (if the law allows).

Plus, you’re allowed to work in one or both nations, even if you don’t apply for a work visa. The same goes for education.

Two Passports

Another perk of dual citizenship that nobody can ignore is the opportunity to carry two passports. This is because these potentially have two different sets of benefits (e.g., visa-free travel to more countries). With two passports, a wider door opens up for you to travel the world.

Property Ownership

Owning property is also possible for either country you’re a citizen of. This is particularly useful for people who want a second passport in countries that restrict land ownership to their legal citizens.

Since you are a legitimate citizen and a potential resident of both nations, you can purchase property in these countries. This is quite helpful and more economical if you travel between and live in these two places.

Cultural Enrichment

Besides the instant benefits you get from being a dual citizen, you also get to enjoy a long-term advantage: cultural enrichment.

The longer you spend in a country, the more you’ll get immersed in its cultures.

If you live in two countries, the benefit is doubled. You learn a new language, appreciate new tastes, partake in unique traditions, and even make new friends.

2. Better Opportunities

Not all countries have the same level of technological advancement and economic power. This means that if you move to a nation that is on a higher level on both accounts, you’ll gain access to better opportunities.

One of the common reasons why immigrants decide to leave their home countries is to build their wealth and live a more fulfilling life. Some do it to get a higher-paying job and a career they’re passionate about. For others, particularly businessmen, it can be about taking their company to a whole new and more competitive stage.

A Caribbean passport can be considered a good investment. Apart from giving you more freedom to travel roughly 100 countries, you also get to enjoy tax benefits exclusive to economic citizens. That is on top of the promising market you’ll be joining.

3. Character Building

Another reason why people move overseas is to build their character.

If you were ever doubtful of your own skills or wish to do some soul-searching, then moving to a different country is definitely for you. Apart from offering a clean slate, turning up in a new place and a new life is a good way to test yourself, your wits, and your skills.

Living in a different country offers new experiences, as well as new memories and relationships.

As Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca once said, “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

Heeding the call to travel, don’t be afraid to detach yourself from your old life and start anew in the Caribbean.

4. Laidback Lifestyle

Moving to other countries doesn’t always give you a chance to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Of course, in the Caribbean, this is something you can look forward to.

Known for pristine beaches and rich culture, many Caribbean countries serve as popular tourist stops for when people need time to unwind and relax. If you live there, you’ll get as much rest and relaxation as you would expect if you lived in a real-life paradise on Earth.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Caribbean lifestyle is quite boring, especially if you’re adventurous at heart. On the contrary, one reason people go to these islands is to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

5. Lasting Relationships

When you arrive in a new country, you might find yourself reeling from culture shock. Even if the people you meet speak the same language you do, nothing can prepare you for the entirely new culture you’ll be exposed to.

Besides discovering new food and different customs, living abroad will help you get a whole new perspective on various things and life in general. At this point, even the most mundane things would fascinate you – from the items on your breakfast plate to the way people greet others they encounter on the streets.

And when you’re a small rock amidst a large ocean, the friends you make become your adopted family. These life-long relationships make the Caribbean life more meaningful – probably even more than what you had in the country you were born in.

A New Life

Leaving and letting go of what you’re used to is scary, but sometimes, it is necessary. When you must leave your homeland and live somewhere else, consider the Caribbean and enjoy all the perks the islands provide.

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