Latest Reckless Driving Accident Statistics In The U.S.

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Reckless Driving

We can surely all recall the first half of 2021 when, after a year of clear roads and safe driving due to Covid-19, there were more than usual traffic accidents.

In fact, experts record that the first half of 2021 was only the beginning of a climb in traffic accidents, road traffic deaths, and pedestrian deaths, which has yet to stop.

Every day, we experience a rise in figures among already worrying statistics. We are so certain of the effect reckless driving is having on the US that we put together these insightful statistics as a revelation and as a warning.

Reckless Driving Statistics In 2021 & 2022

Reckless Driving Statistics

That climb started at the beginning of 2021 with a news report echoed across media sites. US traffic deaths hit a 15-year high in the first quarter of 2021, leading the police to announce traffic accidents were in danger of becoming a public safety crisis

The first half of the year saw 20,160 people die in road traffic accidents due to reckless drivers. This was the highest the figure had been since 2006. The penalty for reckless driving in NC is pretty strict. With this stricken law, reckless driving is in little control.

Back then, the president of the advocates for highway and auto safety Cathy Chase called on the government to do something. She stated that the ongoing public safety crisis required immediate and decisive action from the Department of Transportation.

After 9 months of 2021, that figure bloomed to 31,720 deaths on US roads. ABC News reported that the increased number of road deaths correlated with the increase in reckless driving, which began during the pandemic. They noted that the figures were 12% higher than the same period of the year before. The worst states were Nevada and Texas, with Idaho coming in third.

By the start of 2022, the figure had risen to 42,915 people dead on US roads. By this time, the headlines were international. The Guardian reported the persistence of risky behaviors ongoing from the pandemic as responsible. They note trouble areas like speeding, lack seatbelts, and more out-of-state trips as culprits.

What To Do If A Reckless Driver Hits You?

Reckless Driver

These shocking statistics are not to frighten you but to enlighten you. Hire a reckless driving defense lawyer in Richmond, VA, if you have suffered an accident at the hands of a reckless driver. 

You have plenty of options available to you in how to proceed with proving fault and claiming compensation. A specialist lawyer can help you to do all those things with the professionalism you do not otherwise possess.

One thing is sure in all of this, and that is that reckless driving and road fatalities show no sign of easing off. 

Rather than avoiding driving altogether, prepare yourself by researching good lawyers in your area. Make sure you see a doctor and give a police report after any accidents. Try to take the contact details of witnesses, too, if you can. 

What About The Reckless Driving Penalty?

Reckless Driving Penalty

For the entire US, the penalties for reckless driving are different. But the penalty is always there. This is a serious crime. If someone is going to lose their life over your reckless driving, then this will go to count as a criminal offense. And you will be charged with murder charges.

Here are some of the reckless driving laws which are applicable in new jersey and Newyork.

  • If a person is driving a vehicle, is willfully or heedlessly driving a car or any vehicle. The penalty can be more than 60 days of imprisonment to 1 year of imprisonment. The penalty is entirely dependent on the property loss and damages. 
  • Even a fine is also applicable for the penalty. That fine can be more than $1000.This time is also depending on the damages due to reckless driving.
  •  The imprisonment is also possible for more than 1 to three months. If due to reckless driving, human life is lost. Then the punishments are also different.
  • Reckless driving in New yorks is a criminal offense. If anyone is found guilty due to this crime, the person has to face a jury trial.

Wrapping It Up:

Anywhere in the world, reckless driving is counted as a criminal offense. And police and the law can take a step against it. But among all areas, New York, California, and New Jersey have the strictest rules against it. I think you are getting ideas about the reckless driving rule around the US. And you can share your opinion through the comment sections.



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