What Do You See on Your Way to the North Pole?

Travel by  Mashum Mollah 25 February 2021

Way to the North Pole

Owned by no one, yet coveted by everyone, the North Pole is a magnificent spot for awe-inspiring adventures. From snowmobiling, ice fishing, and whale watching, to tours of frozen lakes and heritage sites, to Aurora Borealis viewings, there’s something for everyone in the North Pole.

Of course, the journey itself to the North is just as exciting, especially if you sign up for a North Pole tour package with a fantastic team of experienced professionals like Quark Expeditions. With the leaders of polar adventures, you can take thrilling trips aboard a helicopter as it flies over the Arctic Ocean or visits remote locations that few have ever reached.

Here Are Some Places You Can expect to See on Your Way to The North Pole:

1. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the starting point for many tours to the North Pole. Here, you can enjoy many local sights and sounds. You can start with a delicious Finnish breakfast with fresh pies, buns, butter, and the most delicious coffee.

You can see local attractions like the Sibelius Monument in City Park, an abstract work of art dedicated to composer Jean Sibelius. You can also see the beautiful Rock Church made from granite bedrock. Afterward, you can check out numerous museums, galleries, and eateries before recharging your batteries at a traditional Finnish sauna.

2. Murmansk, Russia


A major port on the Arctic ocean for the former Soviet Union, Murmansk has transformed from a strategic location in the Second World to an exciting place for tourists. History buffs can visit the Lenin icebreaker.

One of the first nuclear-powered ships, the Lenin icebreaker is a fascinating museum ship that gives you a taste of marine warfare. Other interesting historical sites in Murmansk include the World War II Memorial and the Alyosha Monument, honoring Arctic war heroes.

You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and other fun activities for more action-packed adventures. If you have extra time, you can try your hand at Murmansk sea fishing and boating on the Varzuga River in the Kola Peninsula. Here, you can catch some tasty salmon.

You can enjoy some delicious local cuisine at the end of the day. You will find plenty of delicious seafood as well as soups, steaks, and cabbage dishes. Of course, you can wash it all down with Russian vodka in the winter.

3. Northbound!


As you travel from Murmansk across the Arctic Ocean, you’ll see thrilling sites such as sea life, powerful ice, and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll enjoy a swim on the ship’s heated saltwater pool or a game on the basketball court with your fellow travelers.

4. Southbound!


On your way back from the North Pole to Murmansk, you may see the Russian archipelago, Franz Josef Land. Here, you’ll see polar bears, seabirds, whales, walruses, and beautiful slopes and cliffs. You may also explore Cape Flora and visit the historic remains from ill-fated Arctic expeditions long past.

Although the North Pole is everything an adventurer can hope for, the journey to it can be just as exciting and entertaining. From absorbing history to delicious food to fascinating creatures, there’s something for everyone on the journey to the North Pole.

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