Exploring Alaska, America’s Last Frontier

Travelby Mashum Mollah05 December 2019


Breaking away from the restlessness of everyday life is just what we need whenever we feel overwhelmed by our mundane activities. There are lots of unknown places that we should travel to and explore. We do not need to go across the globe to find that special place, though, especially when we have Alaska.

Alaska is considered as America’s last frontier. It is the largest state, which covers a land area of 571,951 square miles. It has a ton of unexplored regions than anywhere else in the country- national parks that are larger than some countries, and towering icebergs that wanders nears it since it sits near the arctic.

Alaska is also known for its wild outdoors that is packed with adventures awaiting its visitors. It is this environment and its whole different feel why people choose to go to Alaska for a vacation.

Here are other facts and points of interests that people may want to know about this beautiful place:


Glaciers of alaska

Alaska is close to the arctic circle, which means that there are a few glaciers that visitors may want to see. Icebergs travel several feet in a day, so every glacier that a person finds here may be unique. It is believed that Alaska has 100,000 glaciers in existence today. However, some of the glaciers are retreating, so catching them can be quite a treat since they may not be the same after some time.

Outdoor Activities:           

Outdoor activities like hiking and paddling are popular things to do in Alaska. Exploring the outdoor is one of the top things to do here, and it can be done through hiking. Alaska has several hiking trails that take anyone from urban trails to the wilderness. This state has much acreage for national parks, and the urban centers are surrounded by it. Juneau, for example, has a dozen hiking trails leading up to the vertical mountains just behind the capital city.


Paddling is one of the preferred activities that adventurers do while in Alaska, which has a stretch of coastline bigger than the rest of the country. People with a sense of adventure take on kayaking to get closer to nature. It gives people a better picture of the hidden coves, waterfalls, glaciers, and sea lions that abound the state. A few of the places that people go to is Sitka, where there are islets that form a mini-archipelago that people can explore.

Northern Lights:

Travelers can also check of the northern lights at the right time and place. The best time to see it is in winter, between November to March, where the nights are longer. Long nighttime hours mean dark winter nights and a great chance to see the Aurora Borealis. People can visit Fairbanks and Eagle River for a close encounter with the northern lights.


Alaska Wildlife

Alaska is rich in wildlife because of the untouched forests and bodies of water. Bear watching is an attraction that people do when in Alaska. Brown bear sightings are hardly a miss if tourists visit Katmai National Park and Preserve. One may catch a glimpse of these bears in Brooks Falls, catching their meal of salmon. Visitors can also get to see other wildlife like the moose, caribou, mountain goats, and Dall sheep. People can also check out the seals, walruses, dolphins, and whales while cruising along the coastline of Alaska.

There is so much to be explored while in Alaska that one cannot only take on just a single activity alone because of the endless things that anybody can do. Pack your suitcase up and plan your next vacation at Alaska, America’s last frontier.

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